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New World is running a pre-release wave, and that’s a good sign for Amazon

Amazon Games’ upcoming MMORPG New World has a moment in the spotlight before its release on August 31, and currently sits as the most watched game on Twitch and best-selling game on Steam.

It’s all thanks in large part to the game’s closed beta, which is now live. Pre-ordering the game, either via Steam or Amazon, gives players guaranteed beta access. Many Twitch streamers make giveaways with beta keys and have drops enabled, so viewers can score loot in the game just by watching streams.

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Of course, Amazon owns Twitch, so it makes sense that Twitch would be an important part of New World marketing. It is safe to say that there are probably more than a few streamers who have been paid to market the game. Some of the biggest streamers in the business are currently playing New World, including the likes of TimTheTatMan and Asmongold.

This has been done sooner rather than later with previous Amazon Games titles, including an extended beta test for the New World itself last year after the game’s delay in 2021, as well as with the short-lived third-person hero shooter / Battle Royale Crucible, who rode a very short height as one of the most watched games on Twitch before it became one of the only games in history that was not released in closed beta. Crucible was abandoned shortly after, with developers working on the game instead of switching to help in New World and other “other upcoming projects.”

But the Twitch integration for New World goes a little deeper than just letting streamers market the game. In certain streams, players can link their Twitch account and gather resources that randomly appear on the stream. These resources are then used to make weapons, which in turn reward points to that streamer’s choice faction. It’s an interesting interactive element that makes watching the streams a little more engaging when players are waiting to score a fall.

Beta has so far been a success that the game experienced server issues, with many players waiting in line to log in. Amazon has since added more closed beta servers to meet demand. One problem that has emerged is player reports about New World, which essentially draws advanced graphics cards, a major problem that could put an end to the game’s progress, if not resolved soon.

Despite the graphics card problem, this is mostly good news for Amazon Games. Regardless of what happens when the game is actually launched, New World is already Amazon’s most successful game in a mile. While that doesn’t exactly say much given Amazon’s previous record for video games, it’s a step in the right direction, and proof that the studio may have what it takes to make a hit.

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