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New World, Amazon’s MMO, is delayed until August 31

Here’s a recent trend in video game discourse: now, when a game is delayed, the immediate response from a large segment of the audience is, ‘Good – better to be delayed than to be another Cyberpunk’. CD Projekt Red made such a big mess that they have inadvertently made life easier for other devleopers!

Such is the case with New World, the much-delayed MMO from Amazon Games Studios. It has been delayed again and will now be launched in August.

The development team posted the video below and explained the delay and some of the features they will be working on from now until the release:

And seriously, look at the comments below the video. I rolled down and knew it would be a Cyberpunk review, and it̵

7;s there in the first comment.

The updates Bezos bestos works with a focus on content in the middle and end of the game – which is actually the whole game – and is based on feedback from various closed beta tests. In the video, game director Scot Lane talks about new dungeons with 5 players, an end mode of 20 against 20 called Outpost Rush, plus new zones, fishing and a renewal of the craft system. You can also read about these changes on the New World blog.

Amazon Games Studios has had a lot of bad press recently, with several reports of dysfunction explaining errors and cancellations of megacorps other games, including MOBA Breakaway and hero shooter Crucible. Amazon says they will not give up, but New World is the only remaining announced game.

Despite the other flops, and the frequent delays of New World, I do not think this game revolves around the drain. There is an appetite for MMOs on this scale, and almost no one else is making new games like this. I have also read positive feedback from people who played it during some beta version. I can imagine that New World starts with modest success and has enough momentum to keep updating, at least.

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