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New Waze Glitch does not even show Google Apps works well on Android Auto

Waze is currently one of the best navigation apps out there, and in the Android Auto world, many people use it with Google Maps every time they get behind the wheel.

Since it’s a Google-owned app, you’d normally expect Waze to play well with Android Auto because you know that a Google app running on another Google app sounds like a battle made in heaven.

And yet, this is not necessarily the case, and an error reported on Google’s forums earlier this week is living proof in this regard.

While it all does not seem to be too widespread, and thank goodness for this, some report that Waze stops working just a few meters after starting the app and started running. In other words, they connect to the smartphone in the car, Android Auto appears on the main device, the app starts and then Waze runs, and about 1

00 meters later the error occurs. Waze suddenly stops working and it is assumed that it is no longer receiving GPS data.

On the other hand, Google Maps works just fine, and this means that the problem does not affect the phone itself, since GPS information is still available, but Waze and / or Android Auto.

The good news is that a member of the Android Auto team has already responded to the linked thread, and the issue is now being investigated by the dev group. But on the other hand, this obviously cannot be considered as a guarantee that a solution will be released, especially since at this point in time it appears to be an isolated problem.

Similar issues have existed for a while, but in almost all cases, the GPS battles were caused by the phone, which means that other apps were also broken down. The error is different this time, so it will be interesting to see if others are also affected and how quickly a solution should land.

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