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New Vegas and Star Wars • Eurogamer.net

“Your eyes can fool you. Do not trust them.”

A group of modders are working on making Fallout: New Vegas a Star Wars game.

Star Wars Open Worlds uses Bethesda’s 2010 role-playing game as the basis for a story-driven Star Wars game with a dozen planets to explore.

The video below, released by one of the main members of the project, a modder known as Tank Girl, shows famous Star Wars characters, environments and vehicles rebuilt in the New Vegas engine.

The courage is absolutely ambitious. Among the goals are full-fledged characters, a character adaptation system and skill system in RPG style, a new craft system, several factions, new companions as well as bounty hunting and side quests.

All this along with an “election driven”

; story and 12 planets to explore. Sounds like the kind of Star Wars game Bethesda would make, given the chance.

Will it ever come out? We have seen mods of this ambitious fall along the road because of their scale. But maybe the lawyers at LucasFilm Games will have something to say before then. They are partly to a Star Wars cessation and cessation, after all.

For now, though, it’s fun to imagine a Star Wars game in the Bethesda form. Create your character, go anywhere, do anything! Maybe one of the many Star Wars games that are about to be in this direction.

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