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New #madebyGoogle Chromebook & # 39; Nocturne & # 39; to have light display, real-time auto brightness

Another day, another "Nocturne" puzzle revealed. As we continue to tune in on October 4 and Google's yet unannounced hardware event in 2018, we're expecting to continue to see more and more of the entire picture of what Google has planned for just a few weeks from now.

For those of you who can not keep up close, "Nocturne" is the code name of one of the two #madebyGoogle Chrome OS devices we expect to see in October. You can read all about this and get caught up if you need it. Next to Atlas, Nocturne is part of a duo that we expect to see that will consist of both an update of the existing Pixelbook with thinner framing with a possible larger screen and another removable and / or tablet.

The Pixelbook family grows: as much as we know.

New Details

Today I came across some items in Chromium Repositories. Although many of you would be interested in. I put them out first, I want to talk about what they can mean.

The first commit contains this language:

chromeos-bsp-nocturne: Enter 47.62% default background brightness

The Nocturne panel is lighter than the usual Chromebook. Then set
standard brightness of 47.62% UI level for now until we have
ALS working to make automatic brightness adjustment.

This 47.62% brightness is the level suitable for normal indoor
environment with ambient light 90-250 lux.

Now the second binding around the screen brightness is found here and says:

Overlay Nocturne: Enable ALS Based Screen / Keyboard Strength Adjustment

The configuration file is based on Eve data.

TEST = flashlight to / change ALS, see brightness change

OK, you can see what's going on here, but let's shut it down very quickly. The first commitment initially states that for "Nocturne" the default brightness setting will be set at 47.62% because the screen is brighter than a regular Chromebook. Now Pixelbook has a very light, 400 nit display so it can be in the same league. There is a chance it is brighter too. No specifications are mentioned, but it is clear that this will be a very bright panel.

At the end of the engagement, you see the sentence "… for now until we have ALS worked to make the adjustment for automatic brightness." Take what is coupled with the second prohibition (and it is many others to choose from too) where we see ALS (ambient light sensor) that is enabled to control the screen and keyboard and you have quite clear image formation.

& # 39; Nocturne & # 39; not only will have a light panel, but it will also have real-time auto brightness. Unless I've missed this somewhere, I have not used a Chrome OS device that has auto-brightness in real time. Certainly, most devices have ambient light sensors, but they are often used to set the screen / screen brightness when the devices wake up.

And this is not a big deal for Chromebooks used as laptops first. When I was a Windows user, I often turn off the auto brightness settings on my laptop. Having changing brightness all the time was distracting and annoying to me. On my phone or tablet, however, I change my melody pretty much. Being more mobile, these devices are constantly in and out of varied environments, and I like a monitor that can adapt to the environment in real time.

Which makes me wonder: what kind of device is Nocturne? be accurate? Why would the devs work with these things with a brighter than usual screen and real-time auto brightness if Nocturne was just a standard clamshell or convertible?

Instead, we think of a device that will be mobile and tablet oriented. Now a detachable can definitely fit that description. But I think we're looking at something closer to a Microsoft Surface and / or iPad Pro.

Yes, it has a keyboard and will work like all other Chromebooks, but the things we see with "Nocturne" suggest that expected usage cases for this member of the Pixelbook family may be slightly different from their brothers.

At this point I still can not tell you what to see. What you can trust is, however, that we will continue to dig for more info on & # 39; Nocturne & # 39; and & quot; Atlas & # 39; both until their release.

I usually do not end articles with this, but given the time of year and the very interesting things that begin to surface, I come to. If you are not registered for our notification e-mail messages (the form is in footer below), you should register. It feels like every day brings a new piece of light to what Google is planning for October and if you're like me, you will not miss any of it! Then sign up. We do not want to spam you or something: We promise. You can also follow us on our social media, which is also found in the footer of the page. Do not miss out!

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