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New iPad Pro case leak tip at Vertical Smart Connector site

The fall season is approaching fast, which means new devices in Apple's iPhone and iPad product lines. In the case of the forthcoming iPad Pro model, the new table is expected to see smaller dimensions along with slightly larger screens, as well as addition of a TrueDepth camera system for Face ID. A report from the end of July describing these changes also suggested that Apple should move iPad Pros smart contact, and now it is a sign of a new case that supports this change.

In the July report, it was pointed out that iPad Pro's Face ID system would require the device to be in vertical direction for work. This would in turn mean that Smart Connector – used to connect keyboard to the tablet ̵

1; would move from side edge to bottom, near Lynport. This meant that keyboards, including Apple's own smart keyboard, had to be used with iPad Pro in Vertical Position.

Later reports claimed that Face ID on the new iPad Pro would work in both horizontal and vertical positions. A separate leaked CAD Image however, also showed a rendering of iPad Pro with Smart Connector away from the side and a new oval-shaped indentation on the backside at the bottom.

It is still unclear what the new connector is used for, but a similar clip has appeared on a new iPad Pro case photo published by Slashleaks . The case has all the usual openings for things like iPads volume buttons, camera and Lynport, along with the new oval hole on the back. There is also a disconnection for the headphone jack, which is said to be removed from Apple's upcoming tablet.

Provided that this case is accurate with the new iPad Pro, it appears that Apple moves / replaces the existing Smart Connector with something new. And if the new oval-shaped indentation is specifically used for keyboards, a large number of items and accessories from third parties must be redesigned to give access to it.

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