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New Grab-Itron weapon, Kevin the Cube & Event delicious

The long-awaited Fortnite v17.20 update has finally arrived, and to be honest, it seems a bit disappointing at first glance.

After being impressed by the exciting quick repairs in recent weeks, people expected great things from the v17.20 building. In reality, however, not much has changed at all, and the leaks are much more exciting.

Preferred vending machines

Epic Games recently announced that a new “Preferred Item Slots” setting was released in v17.20, and true to its word, it is now available for use. To find it, open the Fortnite settings menu and go to the Games tab.

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This allows you to select your preferred load configuration so that the items automatically go to the correct track when you retrieve them. The setting is on by default, so be sure to go in and customize it before your first match.

7;s Late Game

During the announcement of his upcoming Fortnite Icon Series skin on Monday, the world championship “Bugha” also revealed that he had worked with Epic to create a completely new temporary game mode. This will be playable at some point today, and lasts until July 28.

Bugha’s Late Game is an alternative Trios Arena mode where you spawn with a predetermined competitive load as the fourth zone is already being collected. Gather Hype as you go for a chance to qualify for the $ 100,000 Bugha’s Late Game Tournament.

New Grab-Itron weapon

Originally known as Gravity Gun, a new item called “Grab-Itron” has been updated. It’s not currently in the game, but will be added this week or next week.

Grab-Itron lets you retrieve items and throw them at your enemies, much like the UFO’s drawbar.

Kuben Kevin

For many fans, the one complaint with Fortnite Season 7 was the lack of map changes. Dataminers predicted that Coral Castle would be abducted in the v17.20 update, but this has not happened yet.

However, it sounds like the story is starting to ramp up again. Leaker @HYPEX posted that “New Kevin the Cube sequences were added today”, marked “Cube Smack and” Rune Vent “.

There was also a new Halloween zombie called “ZigZag” in the files. Unfortunately, this is probably planned for season 8, which does not start until September.

Upcoming event

It’s been a while since Fortnite’s last live gaming event, but the next one may not be far off. Photos for a “Special Event Countdown” have appeared in the files, associated with an event codenamed “Buffet”.

There are no indications as to what this will be, although it could potentially involve the destruction / abduction of Coral Castle. If this is the case, it will probably take place very soon.

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