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New Google Pay features help you save money on groceries, pay for transit and budget better

The new Google Pay app is gaining momentum fairly quickly since its release. Having been used in India and then rolled out to the United States and other countries, it gives users new access to a digital wallet and peer-to-peer payments. Today, Google announced that they will soon add three incredibly useful new features to the app in the form of grocery deals and coupons, transit payments and budget overviews.

By joining more than 500 Safeway stores nationwide, as well as Target, you will soon be able to ‘cut’ digital offers and always have them right where you shop – you don’t need scissors! There are other apps that have popularized this approach in the past, but having it built directly into Google Pay is a sweet addition. Just tap “View weekly quotes”, scroll through the available ones and tap the heart to save them for later. Then the app will notify you of relevant offers when you are near a local destination or Safeway!

The new Google Pay app is designed with your budget in mind and gives you a complete overview of your finances after you connect to a compatible bank via Plaid. As you navigate to the “Insights” tab, you’ll see a new “expenses by category or business” section as well as bill reminders, expenses, and weekly summaries of major transactions that already exist there.

Tapping at Starbucks this week helped me realize that I need to cut seriously, and hopefully this will help you make decisions that also save money! You could already do this in the past by using the search box at the top of the app, but as cool as the feature was, I never remembered using it. Seeing things presented to you instead is much easier, I think. Also, everything is categorized for you, so there is no manual work involved.


Finally, although you could already pay for mobile transit tickets in more than 80 cities and towns across the United States via the Pay app (with Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area soon to be added more along the line thanks to Google’s partnership with Token Transit ), the company is helping users access tickets directly from the app’s home screen!

By pressing “Run transit”, halfway down the main tab, you will be able to buy or add a transit card, as well as top up your balance and pay for your ticket price when the time comes. Just by holding the phone to the transit browser, you are ready to ride. You do not even have to unlock the phone.

Google Pay really dominates, in my opinion. It now works with a myriad of banks (at least I have lost numbers), and includes everything from transit, food ordering and delivery, budgeting tools and more. Once Google has released the Plex card (Get it? Googolplex), I imagine it will be the target of all your money. What features do you hope the Google Pay app will get in the future?


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