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New Galaxy Note 9 price tag can finally give some good news – BGR

Samsung's next-generation Galaxy Note 9 flagship is now just over a week away from being unveiled at the company's forthcoming Unpacked Press Conference in New York City. There seems to be nothing left to learn about the new note 9 after months of leaks and rumors flooded the web, but there are actually a few remaining question marks. For now, at least. If history has taught us something, it's that all remaining blank will be filled out in the coming week, which certainly would not surprise anyone, considered the fact that Galaxy Note 9 is undoubtedly the worst secret in the industry now. We've seen the design leak more than a dozen times, we've seen the reports reported over and over again, we know the phone's release date and we know about all the changes Samsung has in store for its flagship store in 201


As we mentioned, However, there are still a few remaining questions. We have learned in recent weeks that Galaxy Note 9 will contain a brand new S Pen with built-in Bluetooth, enabling a variety of new features that have never been seen before on a Samsung pen. We still do not know exactly what these features are and we do not know what type of battery life the new S Pen wants or what type of charging system it will support (although we can assume it will recharge while docking). Another important question mark for Galaxy Note 9's launch is the price. We have seen a number of price leaks in other markets, saying that the phone could be far more expensive than last year note 8 was on launch, but now a new leak indicates that it can not be as bad as we thought.

As we saw earlier this year when Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +, launch at the wrong price can be a moment of momentum. Samsung's 2018 Galaxy S phones are modest updates, to say it very friendly, and yet they were released at prices that were much higher than operators and retailers had ever charged before for a Galaxy S phone. Between the price tags and the lack of some convincing new features, sales were extremely slow out of the gate. The phones received both major price reductions only one month after they were released, but then it was too late. Now it seems that the Galaxy S9 and S9 + will be Samsung's best-selling Galaxy S phones since 2012.

Will Samsung make the same mistakes with Galaxy Note 9? We already know that note 9 will be a somewhat modest upgrade as the S9 and S9 + were compared to last year's models, although it may not be so bad with the new Notebook. Leakages suggest that it will have a much larger 4000 mAh battery, and the upgraded S Pen will also introduce some exciting new features. It is still unclear how much the phone will cost at launch, but a new leak gives us hope that Samsung has learned from its mistakes with the S9 launch.

Leakages in recent weeks have suggested that note 9 will be quite expensive in other markets, launching local equivalents of $ 1,159 in Poland, $ 1,204 in Italy and $ 1,229 in Germany. We all know that international pricing never correlates directly with pricing in the United States, but it seems that Galaxy Note 9 could start with a fiercer price tag than last year's Note 8, which costs $ 950 when it was released.

However, the latest leakage could give some better news. A user on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo got hands on what appears to be a promotional launcher from Indonesia, and it says the phone will start at 13,500,000 Indonesian rupiahs when it comes out next month. It converts to around $ 937 on Monday's exchange rate, which is far less than we have seen in previous leaks.

Again, this leaked bill does not mean that the phone will cost exactly the same amount in the US when it's launched in the coming weeks. But at least it gives us an indication that pricing will vary dramatically from market to market and it is possible that Galaxy Note 9 prices could be in the same ballpark as last year's 8th note. Also in the note, the Indonesian flyer shows that customers get a free 32-inch or 40-inch TV with its Galaxy Note 9 purchase. Samsung never uses the same campaigns in all markets, but it looks as if we can look forward to some exciting launches when the phone hits store shelves.

Samsung will uncover the new Galaxy Note 9 during a press conference on 9 August in New York City, and the phone is expected to be released two weeks later on Friday 24. August.

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