Chrome 88 is rolling out today, and with it, Google has announced a bunch of new password protection features. In addition to checking your saved passwords to see if any have been broken, Chrome will now only warn you when a password is too weak to be secure. And if you need to change some of your saved passwords, a subtle adjustment also makes it easier to do.

While Chrome has been taking care of your password-based security for a while, it will also tell you when a password is considered “weak” or easy to guess – probably because it is too short or in a frequently used dictionary, such as a name or place . Either way, these “weak” passwords will have their own section in the Passwords section of Chrome settings, with a message to easily change them.

Similarly, Google has added a new feature that makes it easier to change saved passwords, with a convenient “edit password” dialog that is faster and a little easier to find in the 3-point menu next to each item than the previous system.

These features will be launched “in the coming weeks” in Chrome 88, although some special people may see them early – for example, I already have the new weak password dialog. Several features are also planned, such as support for biometric authentication for autofill of passwords, which will soon come to Chrome for Android.