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New 'Fallout 76' Updates Will Include Player Vending and More Vaults

Bethesda's latest "Inside the Vault" letter to Fallout 76 players alluded to some of the features set to be in this year's

Following the update released on December 11th – though console players got it a bit later than planned ̵

1; Bethesda has plans for another large update in January. Exact details on the timing of that release's release and its contents were provided, but it is scheduled to release some time this month with full patch notes on the way.

"Later this month, we are providing resolutions by way of new patches for Fallout 76 "Bethesda said. “Like our December 11 update, we will have a big update that will address many of the issues you've been providing feedback on. Full patch notes will follow soon. ”

But outside of the discussion regarding that patch is where the details were mentioned about the features in the upcoming updates. There is always a chance one of these features might be found in the big January update, but the wording suggests that players will see most of these in updates after the one was teased before.

updates that we can't wait to share, including new quests, weekly in-game events, new vaults opening, new pvp mode, player vending and much more, ”Bethesda continued.

New Vaults, quests, and in-game events will all serve as ways to keep players busy with more content to pursue, but the Player Vending feature in particular is one that will be a welcome confirmation for Fallout 76 players who have requested the feature. Specifics provided, but this feature should at least allow human players to easily sell their unwanted or valuable gear to others. Players have taken on the role of NPC traders before using the game trading system to pass or items for other goods or currency, but the Player Vending feature sounds like a streamlined version of this makeshift occupation.

Fallout 76's new PvP mode is one that has been mentioned before, assuming the post is question referring to the one Bethesda teased in December. You can remove restrictions from PvP, but Bethesda does not go into detail regarding how it works compared to the existing PvP mode that requires more than one player to engage in full damage being done.

Fallout 76's new article about the upcoming updates follows a New Year's event where players gathered in one location to celebrate, an event referenced in the tweet above.

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