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New Earthbound 64 recordings found on old Nintendo CD-ROM

Grounded 64

Picture: EarthBound 64

Earlier this month a Tender fan went on a Japanese auction list that sold a Nintendo CD-ROM from 1998, solely because the disc contained recordings of the canceled EarthBound 64 for Nintendo 64.

With bids starting at just $ 18, the CD-ROM eventually sold for $ 357, all in all Zen be able to do the world a favor and get a copy of EarthBound 64 trailer from Nintendo’s legendary Spaceworld 1997 exhibition.

Previously, the most important way people had been able to watch footage of the game in action was through this old IGN footage:

Or this quick glimpse from the showroom of Spaceworld 1996:

In the meantime, here are the recordings that were included on Nintendo’s CD-ROM, and which Zen has been able to upload. It’s not our first look at games from the canceled sequel, but a lot of it is new footage!

Sure, it’s only 25 seconds, and there is no sound, but this game was canceled over 20 years ago, it’s amazing that we get to see something new at all.

And what we see, like all other footage, looks incredible, especially when you remember that this was an N64 game. But then, maybe that was the problem; EarthBound 64s scale and ambition proved one of the main reasons why the game was never released in the first place.

While there are some new recordings to torment, an unreleased holy grail remains Tender fans: get the playable version of EarthBound 64, which came to a few trade shows (like the 1996 Spaceworld video above), but which has never been seen by the public since.

Grounded 64 was originally assumed to be Mor 3, a sequel to the weird and beloved RPG series from Nintendo. While it was canceled in 2000, Mor 3 will eventually be developed for Game Boy instead, that is Mor 3 we all know today, and still asks Nintendo to officially bring it to the West.

Meanwhile, Zen was also kind enough to upload the rest of the content to the CD-ROM, which also includes trailers for games such as Ocarina of Time and some lovely high-resolution Pikachu art, like you can check it out here.

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