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New character leaked for Super Smash Bros. ultimate

The Last Rumors of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have some teeth to it, but it also causes some of a problem because no one can confirm it with evidence. The latest rumors come from a screen, see below, where we see Ken from the Street Fighter series added to the game with a pair of Pokémon and Pac-Man. At first glance, the picture looks quite real as it appears to be a screen shot of all four fighters who stand in front of a match. And Ken's figure looks different from that of Ryu in this version, suggesting that it's a brand new addition and not just the same components with a different skin.

The problem that continues to come up is that no one can confirm how hell this came from. It's also because we see Ken's right foot clipping through the scene. If it is real, this is an early build with errors. And if it's false, there's a lot of work and effort that goes into putting a fake entry into a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate screenshot. More than likely, if it's real, we know briefly when Nintendo has slowly revealed new characters for the game. If it is not, we are not quite shocked by anyone fake it to get the Street Fighter fan's hope up.

(Last updated September 22, 2018 at 2323 )

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