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New Battlefield 5 Story Trailer rises to the occasion

Battlefield V returns to World War II, which means a lot of focus on heroic heroism, the greatest generation, and all the images that imply. The single-player story trailer embraces the spirit wholeheartedly with a kinematic presentation that blends personal victims with the bombastic moments that come in a war story.

In this we see a number of characters that the war story has War Stories from different regions soldiers who participate in the conflict. It does not hide much of the special arcs of these different characters, but we get a good idea of ​​different backgrounds and settings for the matches.

Battlefield this year is to introduce Firestorm, a new Battle Royale mode with a 64-player max. It also takes time to make some adjustments after feedback from the open beta.

If you're a scourge for Battlefield and you just can not wait until November 20, EA will release all four extensions to Battlefield 1

to October. The first two are free now and the other two will probably be replaced as freebies later this month. You can also find the game yourself relatively cheap on all platforms if you do not already have it. Of course, if nothing but Battlefield 5 will do, you can also play it a little early with EA Access – as long as the platform you choose is Xbox One. Take a look at our pre-guide for more information.

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