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New Assassin’s Creed update has only bad news

A new Assassin’s Creed update is not the update fans of the series will hear. A few weeks ago, Ubisoft announced it Assassin’s Creed goes the live service route, which, as expected, was news met with significant setbacks. Now, a few weeks later, the bad news continues. After 16 years with Ubisoft, the franchise’s art director, Raphael Lacoste, is leaving the company.

On Twitter, Lacoste revealed the news with a fairly standard “goodbye” post, thanks to both Ubisoft and fans of the studio and its games.

“It’s not without emotion I have to tell you that after eight assassins, 16 years at Ubisoft, I have decided to set sail on new adventures and challenges,”

; said Lacoste. “I want to thank you from the heart of our amazing community and the incredible talents I have had the chance to collaborate with during these amazing years. Thank you too, Ubisoft, for your trust and the amazing projects we brought to life together! Goodbye for now “These years will remain unforgettable, Ubisoft has been a great home for me for 16 years and I am very touched by this, the trust they gave me as well as the opportunities, but it was time to make another leap of faith.”

As you can see, Lacoste more or less confirms that the two do not differ on bad terms, and that he is really moving on to something new, but it remains to be seen when this will happen, and whether it will even be working. with more video games. Whatever it is, it’s a big loss for Ubisoft, which has softened talent lately, including talent towards the top of the hierarchy.

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