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New Apple Phishing Scams Just Look Like A Real Support Call – TechCrunch

A new voice fishing scam goes for iPhone users in a smart new way: by getting calls as if they come directly from Apple Support.

Brian Krebs reported today that a user, Jody Westby, received a call from Apple Support and asked her to call back. The contact information that came with the number appeared to be Apple Inc. in the call identity screen. However, when she called the 866 number, there was something wrong.

KrebsOnSecurity called the number that the fraud message asked Westby to contact (866-277-7794).

An automated system was answered saying that I had reached Apple Support and that the expected latency was about one minute and 30 seconds. About a minute later a man responded with an Indian accent and asked about the cause of my call.

Playing the part of someone who had received the scam, I said I was warned of a breach of Apple and that I needed to call that number. After I asked for a brief moment, the call was disconnected.

There is no doubt this is just another arrangement for separating the unwanted from their personal and financial details, and to withdraw any kind of payment (for supposed technical support services or any such). But it is noteworthy that Apple's own devices (or AT&T, which sold her phone) can't tell the difference between an Apple call and someone trying to fake Apple.

Utilization is unique because it allows callers to mask as others call mainly polluting search results with junk mail information that makes a number look like the contact number of a real company. The number Westby was told to call is a known phishing source. Remember: If someone calls you and claims your computer is corrupted, they are most likely to be. After all, supporting people will never be proactive when it comes to problems with your computers, just reactive (if so).

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