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New 2018 iPhones, iPad Pros, Mac and more: All Apple could announce September 12th

The Apple season is official here. The company sent invitations for an event scheduled September 12 at Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California – the second time the event will take place on the Apple Park campus. While new iPhones are all but surely to be heading, almost all Apple's other product lines are because of an update as well.

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So what's on deck for September 1

2? The latest credible report on Apple's plans comes from a August 27 Bloomberg story, written by Mark Gurman, a journalist with a strong overview of Apple's stories. It amplifies and elaborates earlier reports, claiming that Apple will debut three new iPhones that utilize the basic iPhone X design (large note screen, no home button, Face ID), as well as Apple Watch 4 and new iPad Pros. [19659005] In addition to these products, Apple is also delayed to update its Mac line, but it is unclear whether new products such as a rumored MacBook Air replacement will be announced in September or later.

With so many new Apple products on tires, we've collected all the reports and rumors here. Please note that nothing here is explicitly confirmed unless otherwise stated. Apple almost never says about upcoming product messages. With that warning in place, read on the decline of what we hear about new Apple products in the pipeline and when we see them.

Editor's Note, August 30th: This post was originally published August 27, 2018, and will continue to be updated with news and rumors on Apple's September 12 event and the company's 2018 product range.

Three New iPhones

Apple has faithfully announced new iPhones in September 2012, when it debuted iPhone 5 . And the company has offered two new models – the "standard" 4.7-inch and "Plus" 5.5-inch version with a better camera – since 2014. Last year there have been three new models, iPhone 8, 8 Plus and – a few weeks later – the radically redesigned iPhone X. This year, Apple is expected to repeat it with a trio of brand new models that all follow the X Design Model: No Home Button, and Almost Everyone

This is what We expect to see:

  • The sequel: The sequel to last year's flagship will probably get a bump in performance better dual camera and longer battery life while keeping the same (or similar) 5.8-inch OLED display.
  • The Great: The rumor has that Apple is developing a larger, 6.5-inch version of iPhone X – iPhone X Plus, maybe – it may have three rear cameras ] and cost $ 1,100 or more . It is possible that Apple Pencil Support could be added to compete with Samsung's pro-focused Galaxy Note phones.
  • The cheaper one: Reported to be the least expensive option for the trio, a 6.1-inch variation will probably have an LCD monitor and just a single rear camera. Both major phones can also receive dual SIM cards in some countries, according to August 27, Bloomberg's story. But the 6.1 inch phone can not be sent to October .

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Plus, maybe a fourth kind of new iPhone

Since its debut in 2016, iPhone SE has been the most affordable option in Apple's phone lineup . It's basically the components of a iPhone 6S – minus the 3D Touch – filled into the small part of an iPhone 5. Apple gave it a modest update in 2017, but a major update is too late. According to rumors, however, Apple can deliver yet another makeup in 2018, which gives iPhone SE 2 the same A10 processor used in 2016 iPhone 7 . Will the updated SE keep its miniature 4-inch screen along with $ 349, £ 349 and AU $ 549 launch price?

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Apple Watch 4 With Google and Samsung ratcheting up the smartwatch competition, Apple has a real incentive to shake things with a dramatic New Watch Message in 2018. A Big Screen and Click-Free Buttons are possibilities, both of which involve the first major redesigned since Apple's signature executable debuted in 2015. At least, we know Apple will debut WatchOS 5 (Preview of this year's 19459004) WWDC Developer Conference ), with Training Enhancement Instantly Watching Walkie Talking Mode Supporting Podcasts and Possibility to play audio from third-party apps on the go. Read: Apple Watch 4: Rumored Specs, Leaks, Price, Release Date

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New iPad Pro

When Apple debuted the last iPad in March, it was added Pencil Support and a faster processor input cable tablet and its much more expensive Pro siblings. Now, rumors suggest that the company will look to justify Pros Prize Prizes with a major redesign inspired by iPhone X's design – shrink the edges, drop the home button and add Face ID. A decent specification shock would probably be part of the upgrade, too. Read: New iPad Pro 2018: All rumors about specifications, price, release date


It's a buzz about a big redesign that comes to iPad Pro in 2018.

Alvaro Pabesio

New Macs and MacBooks

Certainly, we have a new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro only in July. But for years, Apple fans have accused the company of neglecting its views – especially MacBook Air which has remained unchanged for most parts of a decade. According to rumors, however, Apple may have a number of new computer products in the pipeline for 2018 and 2019. Here's what we hear:

  • The long-rumored new MacBook Air with a retina The display can finally see the light of day, and plug a big hole in the bottom of Apple's portable portfolio.
  • New iMacs equipped with Intel's eight-generation processors seems like a no-brainer.
  • A new Mac Mini possibly with configurations targeted at pro users can finally be on tires. The current model has not been updated since back in 2014.

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Remember that iMac Pro is less than a year old, so a renewal is unlikely (but not impossible). And Apple has already signaled that Mac Pro sequel will not be unveiled until 2019 .

IOS 12

With publicly published beta launched in June, we expect Apple to follow its normal schedule and release the full version of its next mobile operating system with the new iPhones in mid September. In addition to which enhances Siri FaceTime gives a face lift and introducing Memojis Apple is said to be focusing on to improve basic performance on older models with this next release. And while the FaceTime group is already late Apple often reveals a handful of new features in its mobile operating system that will be exclusive to the new iPhones – so some surprises can still be on the deck. MacOS Mojave

MacOS Mojave is now available as a public beta and will be officially released as a free update this fall. It will introduce a variety of new features, from a dark mode and desktop stacker to a new Finder view and some famous faces from iOS. You'll also find 4 famous iOS apps on your Mac, after updating to Mojave, along with some additional privacy features to protect you from Facebook and other advertisers.

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  • AirPods: Sources report that Apple is developing a pair of high-end AirPods ] with noise reduction, water resistance and wireless charging. Larger Ear Headphones – The Apple Brand, Not Beats – Can Also Be On Decks.
  • AirPower: Known about a year ago, Apple has not mentioned Apple Wireless Cradle page. We can finally view this product in September .
  • HomePod: Apple is said to be mulling a smaller, cheaper HomePod – but it's not expected until 2019.
  • Apple TV: As a product that rarely gets a big annual update is deployment of TVOS 12 with Dolby Atmos Support Probably the biggest change Apple Apple TV 4K in the short term.
  • Streaming service: Apple has suggested it is working on a streaming TV service but has not released any
  • New TV shows: The company has made many announcements about it original content it produces – including a perennial partnership with Oprah and a television series based on Isaac Asimov Foundation – but it is still unclear when how

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