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New 2018 iPhone: All rumors on release date, specifications, price ” height=”0″ width=”970″/> Apple plans to make three new iPhones in 2018, including one with three rear cameras, according to rumors.

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19659003] iDropNews

Although the next iPhone announcement is expected to be in a few weeks, the latest news from Apple is actually a patent that the company filed for self-propelled cars back in September 201

5 . Especially note is a GPS countdown indicator, which illustrates Apple's approach not only for car navigation, but also Maps.

When Apple Maps was originally launched on iPhone 5 with iOS 6, it was smaller than the stars. Six years and more revisions later Apple announced plans to make a comprehensive overhaul on map for iOS 12. However, this patent detects little to the rumors confirm that there will be no one or two, but three new iPhones in 2018: One Large one Cheap one and one with three rear cameras like the Huawei P20 Pro .

Rumors point out that Apple designs a larger version of the iPhone X – iPhone X Plus, maybe – as well as a significantly cheaper version. It is worth noting that the price has not been a major obstacle to the premium flagship so far; Although it is the most award-winning iPhone ever at $ 999, £ 999 or AU $ 1 579, iPhone X was the best-selling phone for the first three months of 2018, followed by iPhone 8 and 8 Plus . Of course, a cheaper version will almost certainly expand its addressable market. Many months after the iPhone X's release however, the phone has lost some of its first shine.

In addition to refining the designs and adding some new features, Apple will probably deliver the annual improvements we've come to expect – new building materials and colors a bump in process speeds higher screen resolution and tweaks to extend battery life


At the same time, Android continues to respond to and respond to iPhone X. On its I / O event in May, Google showed the new gestational-based interface in the center of the new Android P operating system . (For what it's worth, Google says it started working on the new navigation before the iPhone X.) And then it's Samsung's AR Emoji and Intelligent Scan Features – less versions of the iPhone Animoji Memoji and Face ID that does not fully measure up to the originals.


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See Android Ps New Swiping Controls Up
OnePlus Asus LG Huawei and others have announced or are rumored to work with phones like monkeys the distinctive notch design that Apple popularized (but with which Essential Phone was the first to market). And Huawei has already iterated the hack concept with its P20 that gives you the ability to turn it on and off. Interestingly, Samsung has hitherto avoided the chin on its latest most advanced phone, yet Galaxy Note 9 .

With the Android world making advances in camera technology and other fronts, Apple can not rest on the laurels. The trillion dollar question is whether the company can keep its amazing winning strip alive although the overall market for phones is slowing down .

Although we're probably two months out of seeing the next iPhone (and we have no evidence of what its features will be ), the rumor already makes a compelling picture of what's coming. We continue to update this page with news and leaks when we start the countdown to 2018 Apple iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone X2, iPhone 11 or what the next generation can be called.

Also check our weekly iPhone news report to see all the latest iPhone news .

Editor's Note, August 22th: This post was originally published March 13, 2018 and will continue to be updated with news and rumors on the 2018 iPhone Series.

2018 iPhones Can Be Slower Than Android Phones

Qualcomm says it does not expect to deliver modems to any future iPhones. In a earnings call with analysts Qualcomm's CFO George Davis said: "We believe that Apple intends to use only the competitor's modems instead of our modems in the next iPhone release." And with "competitors," he means Intel.

So why does it automatically mean lower speeds for this year's iPhones? Well, according to tests Qualcomm chips are usually faster than Intel chips by downloading data.

We must of course wait and see if this really is the case when we have had a chance to test the new phones later this year.

Rumors: The budget-friendly LCD iPhone can not be sent to October

Apple's rumored plan is to launch three new iPhones this year. Two with OLED monitors and one that uses an LCD monitor. While it is assumed that the two OLED models will be broadcast in September, according to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, we can not see LCD iPhone until October.

"We currently do not see any delays in the ramp to Apple's upcoming flagship 5.8-inch or 6.5-inch OLED iPhones. However, suspected issues with LED backlighting have caused a one-month delay in mass production of 6.1 inch LCD iPhone , although this is down from a six week delay delayed into Original Production Forecast, according to suppliers. "

Those of us who want to save a few dollars on an iPhone 2018 may have to wait a little longer before we take delivery.

Probable: September 2018 Announcement and Release Date

Apple has not announced when we see the next phone. But the timing of this annual ritual has now been hardened to a reliable tradition. After launching the first pair of iPhones in June, Apple moved to the beginning of September timeframe with iPhone 5 in 2012 and apart from the off-cycle iPhone SE it has been fixed on that side. No reason to expect this to change in 2018.


What's after iPhone X?


Rough: It may be called iPhone 11, iPhone X Plus or iPhone X2 – but probably not iPhone 9

According to some analysts Apple can return to its "S" Series Nomenclature, which gives us an iPhone XS (maybe a suitable homophon to "redundant") and XS Plus or maybe the numeric equivalent, with X2.

It is noted that there are some very rich design capabilities with the two in an iPhone 11. And then it is the possibility that Apple removes numbers completely – at least for the lower, non-X model – similar to the company's approach with the entry-level table, which is now just the "new iPad" every year.

However, we believe that Apple effectively killed iPhone 9 when it released iPhone X with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in September.

What is the agreement with OLED or LCD for next iPhone X?

Several sources believe that Apple will include at least one cheaper LCD screen 2018 series, but rumors disagree on which phones want OLED monitors and who want to use LCD.

The Technology Log Board of Technology (Patently Apple to Business Korea for Patently Apple) points to an LCD 2018 iPhone. They have suggested that Apple will return the next iPhone X to get an LCD display that expires the and Price Label to improve availability to the current OLED model. Specifically, the BusinessKorea report predicts that a forthcoming 6.1-inch iPhone will have an MLCD + screen similar to the new LG G7 ThinQ .

Wall Street Journal also reports that the less expensive LCD iPhone is expected to sell faster than a pricy OLED. It suggests that Apple comes out with two OLED iPhones and an iPhone with an LCD this fall, but it will probably be a higher volume of LCD monitors produced in anticipation of higher sales.

Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo supported this claim at the beginning of July when he predicted the following specifications for 2018 iPhones: a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone, a 6.5-inch OLED iPhone Plus and a 6.1 inch affordable LCD iPhone.

Kuo speculates that the company's 2018 iPhones will be based on the design of today's fullscreen flagship. According to Jusy Hong, an analyst at IHS Markit, all three new models (including the LCD) could be expected to look like iPhone X.


An alleged rendering of the iPhone X Plus shows three cameras on the backside .

Ghostek / Gordon Kelly (Forbes)

Rumors: Three Back Cameras

One of the new 2018 iPhone models may have a backward-facing camera with a triple-line arrangement according to the Chinese Daily Economic Daily News (as reported by MacRumors). The article suggests that such a camera would improve iPhone's rear zoom capacity and improve image quality in low light conditions. Note that Huawei's new P20 Pro is equipped with a three-lens rear facing camera.

The rumor has gained more ground – the highest end of the 2018 iPhone X Plus model may be the phone to get the three vertically stacked lenses according to Forbes .

A contradictory report suggested that we did not want to see the three camera lenses to 2019 and that the combination could create a depth map to be used for AR, an area that Apple pursues aggressively.


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iPhone X may be out of time


Rumor: iPhone SE X (LOL)

There has been a recent spread of rumors about a 2018 release for the long-awaited follow-up to iPhone SE . New reports indicate that Apple can develop a hybrid of the type merge iPhone SE's 4-inch display factor with the iPhone Xs TrueDepth camera system.

As reported by 9to5Mac.com, the case maker Olixar has produced a prototype screen protector for a smaller iPhone with the narrow fittings and chopper found on iPhone X. And this comes in the wake of allegedly leaked CAD drawings of a device called iPhone SE2, published by TigerMobiles.com and Onleaks.

Apple has developed two new supersize iPhones : a 6.5-inch OLED model, a "Plus" version of iPhone X, which would be the biggest iPhone ever – and a 6.1-inch LCD -version. It is also true that Apple can release the current 5.8-inch size for iPhone X, based on its allegedly reducing orders for OLED components . Earlier, former analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speculated that the company would release three models in 2018 based on the design of today's full-flagship flagship.

  iphone-x comparisons-01

A cheaper iPhone X acts like a no-brainer – but is it the space for a bigger version in the Apple 2018 Series?


Apple can launch a single SIM version that costs between $ 550 and $ 650 (which converts to around £ 390 – £ 460 or AU $ 710-AU $ 840) and another dual SIM model, the price between $ 650 to $ 750 (about £ 460 – £ 530 or AU $ 840-AU $ 970). In order to create a 6.1-inch model that is less expensive than anything in today's selection, Apple could exclude some of the pricier components including Face ID, OLED, 3D Touch and the other back camera . But when it comes to a $ 550 iPhone X – we have our doubts .

Rumor: A Pricier iPhone

Of course, all rumors have their equal and opposite rumors. Investment analysts at UBS have predicted that Apple's flagship iPhone for 2018 will cost $ 1,100 (which converts to around £ 770 or AU $ 1,415). It's about $ 100 above the iPhone Xs starting price of $ 999, but it makes sense if that model has a bigger screen than the current model.

  iphone-x-face id data

Could Apple's full Face ID embrace mean the end of the Touch ID route in 2018?

Jason Cipriani / CNET

Moren-Chi Kuo anticipates that Apple will bring its TrueDepth camera system to the three new phones that will arrive in 2018. Face Detection Technology is fully distributed worldwide. 2018 iPhone setup, Apple may rule out the fingerprint sensor from the next series of phones, according to Kuo, which may mean the end of the touch-ID line.

Additionally, Face ID may also enter the next batch of iPads rumors for a WWDC announcement later this year . Related to this is a report from several sources (Mac Okatara, MacRumors and Bloomberg ) that the next version of Face ID will be able to unlock phones while in a lying position – default orientation for most iPad users.

Rumors: iPhone Support for Apple Pencil or iPhone

And OLED iPhone by 2018 will support an "iPen" device according to the investment firm Rosenblatt Securities. Of course, this rumor – an iPhone that supports Apple pencil – has existed since the stylus first debuted in 2015. And yet the new chestnut gives a new new 2018 iPad's 19459002 addition of Apple Pencil functionality. life.

  Apple-ipad-chicago pencil-drawing-9548

Apple pencil.

James Martin

Long Shake Rumors: Virtual Fingerprint Scanner

While Face ID has greatly reduced the need for a fingerprint scanner, it is upset around the Touch ID built-in display – a reliable column in the rumor cycle since the boot cycle. for iPhone 8 – persists. And for good reason: We have seen the technology implemented. It is called Clear ID and it is featured in Vivo X20 Plus UD that was sold in China in January. But since you return to any fingerprint sensor, it would be a "recording" that Face ID is not the future, we think returning is a real long shot.


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