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Netflix confirms that expanding to video games will be included at no extra charge


Update: Netflix has now confirmed that is absolute expand into the world of video games.

In a shareholder letter (thank you, Gamespot), the company states that it is “in the early stages” of the new initiative, confirming that games will eventually be included as part of a free Netflix subscription, as previously reported:

“We are also in the early stages of expanding further into gaming, building on our previous efforts around interactivity (eg Black Mirror Bandersnatch) and our Stranger Things games. We view gaming as another new content category for us, as well as our expansion into original films, animation and unwritten television.

Games will be included in members̵

7; Netflix subscriptions at no extra charge such as movies and series. Basically, we will primarily focus on games for mobile devices. We are, as always, happy with the offer of movies and TV series, and we expect a long run with increasing investment and growth in all our existing content categories, but since we are almost a decade pushing ourselves into original programming, we think time has the right to learn more about how our members value games. “

Original article (Thu 15 Jul 2021 12:00 BST): TV and film streaming giant Netflix can offer video games as part of the subscription as early as next year, a new report claims.

According to Bloomberg, a person familiar with the situation has stated that video games can be shown “during the next year”, and be available along with the service’s current content as a new, stand-alone genre. Apparently, Netflix has no plans to charge anything extra for the video game content offered, presumably that current subscribers will have access to the games without additional steps.

The report notes that Netflix has hired former Electronic Arts and Oculus veteran Mike Verdu as its vice president of game development; Verdu previously worked as Facebook’s vice president and was responsible for helping developers bring their games to the Oculus VR platform.

Of course, the idea of ​​Netflix adding games to the service is not new; Reports of the opportunity appeared in early May, and the company itself has stated that it is “excited to do more with interactive entertainment.” We’ve also seen Netflix properties appear on Switch, such as Stranger Things 3: The Game – but will games like these end up being exclusive to the Netflix service in the future?

Are you a Netflix subscriber? Would you like to welcome games to the service? How do you think something like this could affect Nintendo, Xbox Game Pass or other areas of the gaming world? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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