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NEO: The world ends with you withdrawn from players who managed to get the game early

Players who managed to score an early copy of NEO: The World Ends With You this weekend are in for an unfortunate surprise if they happen to go online today. Following an accidental leak of the full retail version of NEO: The World Ends With You, Square Enix is ​​revoking licenses for the game and effectively scrubbing the game from its account to the release date.

Rumors of the removal began circulating this afternoon, with several players reporting that they had been kicked out of their game. A Reddit user said they were only “an hour or two” away from completing the game when they were kicked out – an impressive feat given that the story reportedly takes around 50 hours to complete.

“Nintendo has revoked all digital licenses for the game after Square Enix accidentally sold eShop codes early,”

; Switch computer miner OatmealDome wrote on Twitter. “The players were kicked out in the middle of the game with the error code 2819-0003. This is, as far as I and others know, a first for Switch.”

NEO: The World Ends With You codes were originally leaked on July 17, with some players mistakenly receiving digital activation codes after purchasing a physical copy at the Square Enix store. Fans quickly rushed to get an early code that allows them to play the expected sequel 10 days early.

While many were successful, the well-known Twitter user Wario64 – who was among the first to notify users of the leak – warned to play with the switch’s flight mode turned on so that Square Enix would not try to recall the code. It turns out that this warning was justified. Once the licenses are revoked, users have to wait until their physical copies arrive, or buy a brand new version online. Any storage data from the recalled version will no longer be usable.

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IGN contacted both Square Enix and Nintendo for comments after the removal. We’ll update this story if we hear anything. In the meantime, there’s always a demo, right? The World Ends With You will be out on Switch and PS4 on July 27, with a PC release expected later this summer.

Kat Bailey is the Senior News Editor at IGN.

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