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NASA, SpaceX stops work on the lunar landing agreement due to contract challenges

Although NASA awarded SpaceX a $ 2.9 billion contract to work on a Starship-based lunar landing system two weeks ago, both companies that lost the deal have filed protests with the U.S. government agency. NASA now says that while the challenges from Dynetics and Jeff Bezos-backed Blue Origin are being reviewed, SpaceX must stop all the work it does.

NASA spokeswoman Monica Witt:

On April 26, NASA was informed that the Blue Origin Federation and Dynetics were filing protests that challenged the alternative A choice of landing system to the US Government Accountability Office (GAO). In accordance with the GAO protests, NASA instructed SpaceX that the progress of the HLS contract has been suspended until GAO resolves all outstanding lawsuits related to this acquisition. NASA cannot comment further due to the ongoing trial.

As first reported by SpaceNews, plus Reuters and The Verge, the challenges can extend until no later than 4 august. While we̵

7;ve already seen Blue Origin’s reasons to reconsider the event, SpaceNews released the Dynetics challenge, which argues against NASA’s decision to select only a single “Option A” winner for the contract, calling it “the most competitive and high” the risk option available. “

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