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Most searched cheats, tips and guides for Super Smash Bros. ultimate


Tips, tricks, maps and more.

Given how massive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is, it's not a surprise players already have dozens of burning questions. We have collected the most common requests by reviewing a combination of searches, comments and our own page traffic. Here are the most searched for Smash Bros. Ultimate terms, complete with explanations and links to detailed guides.


Check out the entire list, complete with pictures and links to individual character pages, here.

A few characters have been searched for more than others, including:

] There are several ways to unlock each character, and some ways are faster than others to unlock particular warriors. To see how to unlock each character, the order they are unlocked in, the fastest method to unlock them and each other detail you

Yes, that's! This review includes mini maps over each area, details of all spells and a list of where to find each fighter.


Ab ove is a small part of our full map, complete with the locations of each fighter. Spoilers forward for those who want to uncover the map yourself! For full size downloadable maps and details on how to find all unlockable characters in the World of Light, check out the page below.

First, you need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Then the only way to play with friends is through Battle Arenas.

If you have trouble checking or just want tips, we've covered you. We even have instructions on how to remove the controls buttons and how to get a controller that is connected to the 8BitDo Gbros Adapter that acts as a regular GameCube controller.

We collected more list of lists on a page so that they can be viewed and compared to each other easily. There is also a list of official bests and worst figures in certain statistics, such as running speed. Refer to these when you decide which character to play if you try to get serious about it.

The 1.2.0 patch was released December 13, 2018. The update changed to 13 characters, updated Online Matchmaking to prioritize preferred settings, change the difficulty of incoming challengers and more.

It's a brand new Spirits mechanic in Smash Ultimate. Basically, they can be equipped to enhance the strength, the defense and the ability of a fighter in the world of light-sensing mode (and in normal smash if you wish).

Under the World of Light Adventure Mode and on the Spirit Board, you will fight against Sprit in an attempt to add them to your own Spirit's inventory. Here is a worklist listing all Spirit Battle and their unique conditions.

If you have Smash Bros. Ultimate right now, you can get a free code now to add Piranha Plant to your game … when it's released, anyway. That's how it is.

Joker was revealed during The Game Awards as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's first DLC fighter. In short, Joker is the main character from Person 5, a PlayStation exclusive. However, Phantom Thief has shown in the latest Nintendo 3DS title Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. For more information about what his abilities could be in Smash, check out this article, or the video above.

These guides were first and foremost created by IGN guide author Brendan Graeber, who spent countless hours experimenting in Smash Ultimate to ensure that only the most accurate information is reflected there – and they are completely free! The extra work of Mitchell Saltzman, Casey DeFreitas, O & # 39; Dell Harmon and others are reflected in these guides and videos, and we hope they help you! If there is anything you want to know about in Smash Bros. Ultimate, let us know in the comments below. On the tutorial pages, be sure to click "Was this page helpful?" to share feedback directly to us or to just tell us that it was useful.


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