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Mophie's new USB-C PD battery packs are an expensive way to get faster charging

Mophie launched a couple of new battery packs today, and the company finally takes the USB-C PD specification for fast charging. The new PD package comes in two sizes: $ 59.95 Powerstation PD, which offers 6.700mAh, and the larger $ 79.95 Powerstation PD XL, which has 1050mAh battery capacity.

Mophie uses the smart dual-nature of USB-C, and each package offers only two ports: a single USB-C port, which can be used to charge devices connected to the Powerstation PD (up to 18W), and charge package from a wall stone up to 15W). There is also an older USB Type-A port, which can power up to 1

2W devices.

The two chargers look good enough, but that is almost always the case with Mophie's products, you pay a huge premium for the company's brand and design. It is prudent for things like the company's battery cases where aesthetics play a greater role, but it is less so for a featureless battery pad.

The inevitable fact is that for less than the price of Mophies $ 59.95, 6,700mAh Powerstation PD package, you can download the RAVPower's 26,800mAh USB-C PD battery pack, which offers multiple ports , a higher 30W effect and dramatically more charging capacity. Mophie is late for the party to support USB-C PD, and no amount of smooth marketing pages explaining the technology will change the fact that there is a universal specification that you can get for less money elsewhere.

Nevertheless, a point in the Mophie package's advantage is that there are not many USB-C PD power packs in smaller physical sizes and capacities that Mophie offers. So if your size and backyard are really a prize for you and you don't mind the extra price, they may be worth considering. Otherwise, you can probably get more bang for your money elsewhere.

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