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Monster Hunter World: The Kotaku Review

Video games often deal in illusions, propose imagination of control and power even when your meaningful influence is minimal. Monster Hunter: World The new third-party action game from Capcom, certainly deals in fantasy. It picks you from reality and puts you in the domains of exotic impressive monsters that you have to hunt for. In this game, the feeling of accomplishment and pride comes from capturing them, anything but an illusion.

In each Monster Hunter you work for your successes, learn about your quarry, track it, study movements and attacks before you finally get better. The dragon can have size and power, but you have brains, nerves and some potions that you made of herbs and mushrooms. These games are as much about the excitement of being hunted as hunting. Their fighting only works because you know that these animals can eat you for lunch.

This review was originally run 1

.30.2018. We encounter it because the game is on PC today. See here for more information about how the PC version performs.

I've been waiting for a decade for Monster Hunter to finally become popular outside Japan, since a flight ten years ago at university where my only company was Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ] on the PSP. There have always been barriers to entry: A bad camera, boring mushroom collection of early missions, flummoxing controls that required you to physically disturb your hand, non-existent guidance, confusing menus and portable console graphics.

Each new installment in this series has led to gradual improvements to the franchise's mistakes, but they were all fundamentally built on a engine that looked and seemed like it had almost not changed since the very first PlayStation 2 game from 2004 . Monster Hunter: World is the first real, comprehensive review of the series. A little has really changed the usual struggles that have always been Monster Hunter their main attraction, but God is all that surrounds them, much better.

There are no new weapons here, and none of the fan-friendly battle blossoms that 2016 Monster Hunter Generations was introduced, although there are many new monsters. (Just a small sprinkle of series favorites like drageduo Rathian and Rathalos look in the main story.) It's just you, your chosen weapon, big animals and their thriving habitats. And what habitats they are. Particularly on an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, Monster Hunter: World sees amazing .

The enhanced versions allow you to prioritize either resolution for 4K screens or framerate for super smooth combat, but even without these improvements you can see the slave fall from the jaw of an exhausted rathian and admire the motives of dust that glitters in the sunlight in the old the forest. Coral Highlands – a pastel-colored wonder of an environment with other world wars of pink and purple plant life encircling the coral mountains – opens up halfway through history, and it's jaw beautiful. My mouth was open the first time I saw it.

Monster Hunter: World

Back of the box's quote

"Not suitable for vegetarians"

Type of game

Hunter-Gathering Simulator

Hunter-Gathering Simulator

] Liked

Sumptuous habitats packed with life, scary animals to kill, excellent sense of fashion.


Some online game features are fiddly and need improvement.




PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The PC version comes in spring.


Finished story, took on some high-ranking missions, spent a very enjoyable weekend on live servers, made nine different hats, logged 31 hours 29 minutes.

For many years I have described epic games for friends who do not play Monster Hunter when they've really seen, a muddy little boy is facing a dragon that does not fit a small screen. Now, in the end, it looks as good as it feels like playing.

There is still a terrible lot to learn. Actually get into the nuts and bolts of Monster Hunter – the minutes of collection, tracking, bounties and research, surveys, monster carves, weaponry techniques – would fill thousands of words. A bit of it is well explained when you play, but written tutorials and a manager who scratch with helpful hints when you are actually in the field, make a careful attempt to help with the basics.

You will still have questions that can only be answered by Google or a more knowledgeable friend. The Society Monster Hunter is fortunately generous with its good knowledge, but it is still ridiculous to consult wikis or guides to learn what hell your weapon statistics actually means.

Here's the case, though: This is not really as big of an issue as it first seems. Monster Hunter: World explains the basics pretty well and the whole rest of the knowledge accumulates gradually from playing, talking with other players, exploring and hunting. You can easily get through the whole story without knowing anything about skill hunger or weapon affinity.

Meanwhile, you discover where you can find useful plants and bugs and ore by spending time in the wilderness, gradually filling up a map of icons that tell you what's out there. The more time you invest, the more knowledge you will collect. After 30 hours there is a lot I still do not know.

The challenge with former Monster Hunter game has always come to the point where you want ] to learn more. This is where the World is most significantly improved. The older games were slow starters. However, the world does not waste time throwing you in battle with impressive creatures, and it looks so beautiful and it's so good that it's easier to invest.

A quick search will be two. Answering an SOS flare gives you a commission award that opens a new set of armor. You spend another hour or so to find out the elusive last material to throw a new Charge Blade. Then you will try it out in another match. It is very bingeable.

The things that are simplified are things that were unnecessarily time consuming in the first place. New Monster Hunter: World players will never know the pain in the craft 10 pickaxes from bones and rocks, as everyone has a break in a single mining operation of 20 minutes. They do not want to know the meditative pause while they wait patiently for seconds long animations to play out every time they collect a herb. I do not miss that bad one. What has not changed is to hunt for monsters with beautifully balanced weapons, and that was always the point.

The mystery of Monster Hunter 's struggle is that even when you do not really know what you do, you do not feel like a clown. The most inexperienced hunter can still land a few hits with a big weapon like a greatsword, although it takes 45 minutes to trap a monster. Better players can make things more efficient. The game rewards skill, and testify to a top player at work in Monster Hunter will likely motivate you to improve.

When you see an expert playing at work with a sliding or double sword, dodging away from a drays tail for a fraction of a second before it sweeps them off the feet and rewarding with a five-hit combo … It looks positive out choreographed.

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