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Minecraft 1.18 update Snapshot release date revealed

Mojang released the first part of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update last month. The 1.17 update did not meet expectations, as there was no world generation change. The “Caves and Cliffs” part of the update comes with Minecraft 1.18 later this year.

A few days ago, the developers provided an experimental snapshot for the upcoming 1.18 update. This snapshot is quite different from the data pack available with 1.17 snapshots. It proved how part two of the Caves and Cliffs update would change the entire world generation.

Unfortunately, it is an experimental snapshot and does not support worlds from any other version. Since its launch, fans have been wondering when the Minecraft 1

.18 snapshot will begin to roll out.

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Minecraft 1.18 updates the release date for Snapshots

On June 13, Mojang released 1.18 Experimental Snapshot for Java Edition. They also added the experimental Caves and Cliffs option in the Bedrock Edition. Along with these experimental features, Mojang also revealed the release date of 1.18 snapshots.

Mojang sa:

“1.18 snapshots are likely to launch sometime around September.”

Players can expect the first snapshot in the first week of September.

Mojang will probably release many Minecraft snapshots by the second week of December. As announced in April, the second part of Caves and Cliffs will be out before the winter holidays.

The first snapshot for 1.18 will be released in September and will probably add a new experimental snapshot 1. Here are some features that Mojang will probably add to the first few snapshots.

Features you can expect in the first snapshot

Developers have just released a 1.18 experimental snapshot with the natural generation of lush caves, stalactite caves and new mountains. They have encouraged players to submit feedback on the snapshot.

Mojang will definitely try to implement aspects of the feedback. Players can expect to find lush caves, stalactite caves and five new mountain biomes in the first snapshot.

For the ignorant, the 1.18 snapshot also changed the spawning conditions for the mob in Minecraft. Enemy bullies should now only spawn in complete darkness. This means that enemy bullies will only spawn when the light level is zero. This game modification feature is also added from snapshots 1.18.

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