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Microsoft to increase device limits for Office 365 subscription users

From October 2, Microsoft will increase the device limits for its Office 365 Home and Personal Subscribers. Office 365 Home and Personal users can install Office on all their devices, but they will be limited in terms of number of simultaneous logged-in users.


Credits: Microsoft

Currently, Office 365 Home, which costs $ 99.99 a year, allows five people in a "household" to use the most important Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote) and few 1

TB per person (for a total of 5TB) in OneDrive Storage. The current limit for total units that can run these Office apps is 10 out of every five users. Office 365 Personal, which costs $ 69.99, currently limits a user to install these Office apps five devices.

As of October 2, Office 365 Personal Users can log in to 5 simultaneous devices simultaneously. They can load the Office apps on multiple devices, but only be logged in to five. For Home, from October 2nd, updated to six users across all devices and each user can be logged in to five devices simultaneously. Technically, an Office 365 Home customer can have 30 home subscriptions running simultaneously, each user receives five logged-in devices.

Microsoft's 30th Aug Advertising Blog and the Following Frequently asked questions about the upcoming changes have more details.

In order to take advantage of these changes, Office 365 does not require consumer subscribers to do anything; they only happen automatically. Office 365 consumer customers will also be able to manage their Office 365 Home and Personal subscriptions from their Microsoft account overview page as of October 2nd.

I asked Microsoft if the company plans to change the limits of the number of devices allowed under Office 365 commercial subscriptions and was told by a spokesman, the company had nothing more to share at this time.

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