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Microsoft launches WinGet 1.0 – Thurrott.com

Last week at Build 2021, Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Package Manager, also called WinGet. WinGet 1.0 arrives one year after the announcement of Build 2020, and the ensuing controversy in which a developer claimed that Microsoft stole its product, and Microsoft then ignored the complaint.

“A package manager is designed to help you save time and frustration,” Microsoft’s Demitrius Nelon explained when announcing its plans for WinGet. “Essentially, it’s a set of software tools that help you automate the process of getting software on your computer. You specify which apps you want to install, and it works to find the latest version (or the exact one you specified) and install it on your computer. ”

In other words, WinGet is basically a way to automate the installation and updating of Windows applications that you get outside of the Microsoft Store. That is, instead of searching for the software you need online and then finding the right page and software version to install, you can automate this process with WinGet. The only problem for most people? It is a command line tool.

WinGet 1.0 will soon be integrated into all supported versions of Windows 10, and IT administrators can configure whether to install this software through Group Policy. But if you are interested in getting started now with WinGet, you can download it from GitHub or directly with this link.

I will also cover Windows Package Manager (WinGet) in the next major edition of the Windows 10 Field Guide.

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