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Microsoft introduces Xbox All Access, a monthly subscription plan for Xbox consoles

Video game consoles are ridiculously expensive. Even the least expensive used Xbox One or PlayStation 4 is over $ 200. And a new Xbox One X console? A big $ 500.

The new Xbox One All Access subscription program aims to fix this issue.

Starting at $ 22 / month for 24 months, the subscription comes with an Xbox One S console, two years of Xbox Live Gold service and two years of Xbox Game Pass access. It is also a second more expensive level that comes with the previously mentioned Xbox One X console, two years of Xbox Live Gold service and two years of Xbox Game Pass Access – the price of $ 35 / month for 24 months. You own the console directly at the end of the 24-month term.

Both plans provide savings in terms of purchasing the console and services: The Xbox One S plan costs about $ 530 in 24 months, while the purchase of each piece alone would cost almost $ 650; The Xbox One X plan costs about $ 840 in 24 months, while the purchase of each piece will cost around $ 860.

Microsoft's bold move: Xbox One is now the most affordable option for a game console far. Even used PlayStation 4 consoles cost over $ 200 a pop, and Nintendo's switches start at $ 300.

More importantly, All Access comes with both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass ̵

1; Microsoft's flagship subscription services for gaming – for the length of the subscription your.

You need Xbox Live Gold to play online, which makes it a must to many on that basis alone. But Xbox Live Gold also comes with additional benefits like discounts on downloadable games, and a quartet free game to the console every month.

Meanwhile, Game Pass opens the door to a large library of downloadable games from a growing list of hundreds of original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles. It's like Netflix for games, except that games are downloaded instead of streamed. You keep access to all titles as long as you subscribe.

Game passport is especially important because all major Microsoft-published games come on Game Pass on the day of launch, including new listings in the "Halo", "Gears of War" and "Forza" series. For example, when "Forza Horizon 4" falls later this year, Game Pass subscribers will receive it on day one at no additional cost.

In the Netflix comparison, first-party Microsoft games are similar to Netflix, which produces their own content.

In so many words, you subscribe to Xbox All Access an all-in-one way to buy a new Xbox console with lots of games right out of the box.

However, there is a great warning: The drawing plan is only available through physical Microsoft Store sites, and not online or anywhere outside of the United States. Downturn! Microsoft also characterizes the All Access program as a "time-limited offer"; It sounds like the program is a test drive for something bigger down the line.

It gives a lot of sense given Microsoft's ongoing push with Xbox – the company has moved away from the traditional game console model and it seems that the future of Xbox can be in software over consoles.

While the company is currently working on at least one, if not more, new model of Xbox hardware, the overall philosophical approach to Microsoft's Xbox Group has shifted to the fact that players can play games anywhere.

"There are 2 billion people playing video games on the planet today. We are not going to sell 2 billion consoles," said Microsoft's Xbox Manager, Phil Spencer, Business Insider in an June interview. "Many of these people do not own a TV, many have never owned a PC. For many people on the planet, the phone is their computer," he said. "It's about reaching a customer anywhere, on the devices they have."


In the case of Xbox All Access, Microsoft supplies Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles, both with 1TB of storage – at significantly lower costs than the competition. More importantly, the price model provides consumer flexibility: People can easily upgrade their consoles.

For example: Instead of feeling the buyer's remorse on the new Xbox One S because you bought it right before the Xbox One X was announced, just go to the more expensive plan and get the new console.

It's a smart move and it can look a new way that companies such as Microsoft and Sony can continuously upgrade game consoles while making them affordable to customers.

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