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Mercedes-Benz’s new Roadster has a flippy touch screen

Large touch screens are common in new cars these days, and the larger these rectangular screens get, the fewer things you can do with the hardware to really differentiate yourself from the competition. Maybe that’s why, in the new 2022 AMG SL Roadster, the Mercedes-Benz takes the screen out of the dashboard, anchors it to the center console and lets it tilt electronically up and down.

That’s right, Mercedes-Benz’s latest car has a screen. The company said it designed an 11.9-inch standing touch screen in this way to help combat glare – the AMG SL Roadster is a convertible after all ̵

1; but it’s also obviously a flashy saloon trick that seems to say, “Hi, we did something different from Tesla. ”

The new AMG SL Roadster also has a digital instrument cluster that is a little different from the rest. The 12.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel is hidden in a “visor” that Mercedes-Benz says is “aviation-inspired.” Basically, there is a screen built-in even deeper into the dashboard than usual, which – of course – helps to combat glare. (Something tells me that it was a common theme in the last feedback from customers …)

The transition to larger screens in cars has placed great emphasis on software, and that is why car manufacturers from Polestar to Ford turn to technical giants such as Google for help. But like the current state of the smartphone market, the hardware has really come together. It paves the way for funky new ideas to stand out.

Like, for example, Samsung’s folding phones, this articulating screen feels more like an idea thrown on a wall than something that would actually be desirable (I’m personally looking to know how well it can withstand being stuck and stuffed – it assumed did not wobble, but you never know). But it is an interesting risk for Mercedes-Benz to take anyway.

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