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Master & Dynamics MW08 Sport earbuds have wireless charging and a Kevlar case

Master & Dynamic has announced the latest addition to its distinctive range of genuine wireless earbuds. The new MW08 Sport noise-canceling earbuds are available today for $ 349, a price increase of $ 50 compared to the standard MW08 knobs released earlier this year. The extra money gives you three main benefits: wireless charging, a redesigned case with a Kevlar surface, and the addition of foam tips in the box. They come in black, white, blue or green.

Despite the fact that “sport” is followed by its name, these earplugs still resemble MW08 in design – although Master & Dynamic says that it uses sapphire crystal this time instead of the ceramic from the regular MW08s. If you have ever wanted earplugs that are essentially scratch resistant, here you go. The company claims that they are also splinter resistant and ready for your most intense workouts.

The knobs are classified as IPX5 for water and sweat resistance, which corresponds to MW08s. Instead of coming with the same shiny, instantly stained stainless steel case as Master & Dynamics̵

7; previous earplugs, these include a redesigned case made of woven Kevlar fiber. Even the case can cope with some of your sweat, thanks to an IPX4 rating.

Image: Master & Dynamic

The rest of the technical specifications (and sound quality) remain unchanged from MW08; you get 10 hours of continuous listening with ANC enabled or 12 with it off. The charging bag gives you another 30 hours. Master & Dynamic includes two modes each for noise reduction and ambient sound. The star of the show is still the 11 mm Beryllium acoustic drivers, and like the MW08, these earbuds have Bluetooth 5.2 and external antennas for optimal wireless performance and reliability.

Apart from the usual silicone earplugs, Master & Dynamic also combines two sizes with memory foam tips. The company says these are ideal for workouts, but I often stick to them full time if I can not get one perfect seal with any of the supplied silicone options.

Image: Master & Dynamic

Since the latest earplugs are now capable of wireless charging – another benefit of switching from the metal case – Master & Dynamic also releases a very nice charging plate for $ 69 in either gray or black; it tops out with 10 watts of power for your devices.

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