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Master and Dynamic MW07 Review

When the high-end audio company Master and Dynamic was first launched in New York in 2014, it was quickly made a name as a manufacturer of amazing premium headphones and speakers. While the company makes products targeted to those with a little money in the bank, it has always delivered where it matters: Each product we have tested with the hexagonal Master and Dynamic logo has given vivid and dynamic sound.

Given our positive story of the brand, you can imagine the excitement when the company's first true wireless earphone, MW07, was evaluated. After a couple of weeks with our ears, we are completely beaten. Sure, we expected (and got) amazing looks, but it's punchy, class-leading sound that we think gives those interested in MW07, a real reason to open up wallets. Over a hundred dollars more expensive than our favorite true earphones on the market, someone might wonder: Are they really worthwhile if you're not a hover? If you put sound quality above everything else ̵

1; and love your wardrobe, we think they are.

Out of the box

MW07 comes in a stylish box containing a shiny silver carrying case, a USB Type-C charging cable, four sizes of ear tips, and an additional set of sports winter. There is also a black handbag for attaching the car seat inside, if you want to keep it as free as possible between applications.

Dan Baker / Digital Trends

Inside the important metal housing you will find two amazing ear plugs made of polished acetate and stainless steel, shaped into a hole-free D shape. The Master and Dynamics hexagonal logo is located on the outside of each earphone, and four elegant colors are available. Our scanning units were the stunningly beautiful Gray Terrazzo color scheme – similar to gray and brown granite – but they are also available in black, steel blue or turtle.

These are some of the few true wireless headsets that are legitimately stylish.

The headphone's acetate side sits on top of a smart, hard bottom part with a built-in sports fins and ear plugs, and they fit incredibly comfortably out of the case, with soft rubber that holds the hard head of the headset from contact with your ears.

These are some of the few true wireless headsets that are legitimately stylish. We have many compliments on the street and in the office.


The controls come in the form of three buttons on the top of the earphones. There is a multifunction / playback / pause button on the right earphone, and the volume up and down controls on the top left, each one is very easy to find, and does not disturb the headphones in your ears too much when you press any

<img src = "data: dt-lazy-src =" https://icdn8.digitaltrends.com/image/master-and-dynamic-mw07-lifestyle- 720×720.jpg "onerror =" dti_load_error (this) "class =" size-large wp-image-2199398 dt-lazy-load dt-lazy-pending "alt =" Dan Baker / Digital Trends

MW07 also has sensors like Decides when you've removed the headset and pause your music, a nice touch, and a feature we want to look at more true wireless options.

Battery life is one of the few places we really had with MW07 when it comes in. in just three and a half hours per charge, which is half a and a half hours less than that offered by industry leaders like Jab ra and Apple. The charging station nevertheless provides three additional costs for a total of 14 hours on the go, providing a fast charging function that reaches 50 percent of the 10.5 hour battery in just 15 minutes.


The WM07 has Bluetooth 4.2 connection, providing quick and painless setup and long listening. To connect for the first time, just turn on Bluetooth on the device and remove the headset from the charging bag. Find them in the device drop-down menu, and pair. You're good to walk from there.

Easily the most fun to listen to genuine wireless headphones we've ever tested.

Do you need to connect again? Just make sure Bluetooth is turned on, then remove the buttons from their case, they will automatically reconnect.


The fast pulsating sound offered by MW07 makes them most fun to belong to wireless headphones that we've ever tested.

Bouncing favorites from KAYTRANADA or Kendrick Lamar, they tend to lean on fast, low mid-range 100-300hz series, but MW07 always looks to keep just the right amount of sharp high than to prevent them from sounding muddy.

  master and dynamic mw07 knobs in the case of
Dan Baker / Digital Trends

How to control top performance paired perfectly with our recent Neil Young. This is a rare feat in bass-headed headphones, especially in the ears. kick; We've never had much fun listening to Harvest on true wireless in the ears, with the bright pedal steel and Young's iconic vibrato pushing through the mix but still complimented by a nice warm, low end.

] You definitely get what you pay for.

It's not a genre of music that we find MW07 badly suited to. From piano jazz to rollicking classic rock to club-happy hip-hop and electronic music, we routinely returned with a smile on our face as we sat on the go.

How many true wireless ears can get tired of hearing over time we found MW07, even though it was heavy, always staying comfortable. The rubber earphones and soft rubber eartips always kept the headset safe in the ears, and because the company put the vast majority of the technology inside the outer headphone shell, they did not look much in our ears like many competing alternatives.

Master and Dynamic MW07 Compared to

A safe fit also means that the headphones provide good passive sound insulation, which we found to be hit and missed by many true wireless ears. With MW07 we were able to block out a good deal of the outside world, making their good sound signature so much funeral.

Warranty Information

Master and Dynamic protect against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the original purchase.

Our Take

The Master and Dynamic MW07 is a truly premium pair of true wireless ears that sounds amazing. The great look and good sound may not be worth the extra money for anyone, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Is there a better alternative?

There are others a few true wireless alternatives that everyone considers MW07 should check out before pulling the trigger. The Jabra Elite Active 65t, which comes in over a hundred dollars less and has better battery life and sweat-proofing, is our favorite on the market. Those interested in a hyper-premium set of genuine wireless ears at the same price point may want to wait to check out Sennheiser's Momentum True Wireless, which will be released in November. Still, if you are looking for the best pile – and will not wait – the MW07 is a good choice.

How long does it last?

Every product we have ever tested from Master and Dynamic was made of excellent quality materials and has had very solid construction quality, and MW07 is no exception. We expect them to last for years of solid use.

Should you buy it?

It depends. If you're just after a few utilitarian true wireless ears, we think you're going to save some dough and take a couple of Jabra Elite Active 65ts. However, if you're a photo-conscious music creator who wants amazing sound and true wireless convenience without having to look like one of the dangers of AirPod sticks that hang out of your ears, Master and Dynamic's MW07 is a very solid alternative . They do not want to be for everyone, but everyone we see in the street with them gets instant style points in our book.

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