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Marc Philipp Gemballa Marsien Channels Porsche 959 For Off-Road Supercar

While we patiently wait for Porsche to finally come out with a Safari-spec 911, the aftermarket is ready to fill that niche. You’ve probably seen your fair share of sports cars from Zuffenhausen, but the new Marsien takes the upgrade package to new heights, literally. Developed by Marc Philipp Gemballa, son of the late Gemballa tuning company owner Uwe, the off-road supercar is a modern interpretation of the iconic 959.

What is it? A 992-generation 911 Turbo S made for desert racing with permission for a generous ground clearance of 250 mm (9.8 inches) in terrain mode or 120 mm (4.7 inches) in terrain mode. It has a carbon fiber body and was designed by diehard Porsche fan Alan Derosier, known for his superb 908 design study.

Marc Philipp Gemballa joined forces with KW Automotive to give Marsien a fully tailored suspension with a double-legged front setup depending on solid piston dampers and active control. It enjoys an adjustable ride height to switch between off-road and road mode while the rear suspension has a multi-clutch configuration. The dampers respond within 20 milliseconds to handle all types of terrain.

The off-road supercar is powered by a Ruf-tweaked flat-six engine with twin-turbo setup that produces 740 hp (552 kW) in the basic configuration and as much as 818 hp (610 kW) when using upgraded VTG turbochargers and a mapped ECU. Maximum torque for the Martian is estimated at a full 930 Newton meters (686 lb-ft), and the vehicle is equipped with an Akrapovič titanium exhaust designed specifically for this project.

The off-road machine runs on 20/21-inch forged wheels with center lock with performance Michelin tires for the road set and switches to 19/20-inch forged wheels wrapped in off-road rubber for off-road setup. With the former set, it sprints to 100 km / h from still in 2.6 seconds and maximizes by 330 km / h. In terrain mode, top speed is limited to 210 km / h.

Only 40 dune-bashing cars will ever be made, and more than half of them have already been sold. It carries a starting price of € 495,000, which is calculated at approximately $ 583,000 at current exchange rates. Remember that the dealer does not include the 911 Turbo S. In addition, the listed price excludes taxes and shipping costs, as well as any options the owner may wish.

As a final note, it is worth mentioning that Marc Philipp Gemballa is in no way affiliated with the Gemballa tuning company, as they are two completely different companies.

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