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Magic Leap mixed reality headset extends US availability

After many years of promises, hype and even controversy, Magic Leap finally delivered the developer version of its highly spied mixed reality header set. But while it actually showed that the product exists and works, it has not yet been shown how much it can grow and sell. And it will require putting the Magic Leap One Creator Edition in the hands of more people, which is just the good news that the company announced at its very first "Learn, Engage." Accelerate. Program. "(LEAP) develops conference.

The Magic Leap is very ambitious. While hardly the first in AR, now called MR, the market, it was able to make headlines with almost all of this world act and teasers. After delays and leaks it seemed almost as if it were all vaporware. The company turned out to be in doubt, but now the challenge is to actually grow its product.

Part of the solution lies in the creation of content, which requires developers and creators to require the tools they need . In addition to improving its custom LuminOS operating system, Magic Leap also supports multiple platforms and languages, such as the emerging WebXR standard and the ever-popular, but always derived Javascript.

But to create properly, for Not to mention test, such content, you need Magic Leap headset, which until today has been limited to only a few places and users who can afford to pay $ 2300 directly. To resolve both pr Obviously, Magic Leap has partnered with the New Service Delivery Service to bring Magic Leap One Creator Edition to 39 cities in the United States, with 1

1 more to come. It also worked with Affirm to offer 0% APR funding opportunities.

Magic Leap also makes the headset more accessible by providing accessories for those who need them. Wear glasses? There will be prescription posts available. Do you need to use the headset outside (safe)? A carrying case will also be sold. No details about prices or availability yet, though.

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