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macOS Monterey Beta 3: Apple redesigns Safari Tab interface after complaints

In the third developer beta of macOS Monterey, which came out this morning, Apple has revised the design of Safari, making the tab line more similar to the current tab line in macOS Big Sur.

macos monterey safari beta 3
The previous Safari design removed the dedicated URL and search interface, instead of using any individual tab for navigation input. Tabs were also arranged at the top of the screen to minimize the space taken up at the top of a Safari window.

In OSmacOS Monterey‌, Apple has gone back. There is a dedicated URL / search box at the top of the Safari window, with the tabs arranged below it. Clicking on a tab turns it into the active window, and it’s easier to drag tabs to rearrange or open in a new window.

It’s still a long way from the current Safari design of ‌macOS Big Sur‌, but it’s definitely an improvement over the original initialmacOS Monterey‌ design.

The new and separate tab bar is enabled by default when you upgrade to ‌macOS Monterey‌ beta three, but Apple has included an option to return to the original Monterey design. To go to View and turn off “Show separate tab bar”, you can use the original design.

OSMacOS Monterey‌ beta 3 also seems to be laying the foundation for Universal Control. Under System Preferences -> Monitors -> Add Monitor -> Advanced, there are now preferences that can be selected for the Universal Control function.

universal control settings monterey

Unfortunately, Universal Control is not functional, and we will have to wait for a later beta to experience a working version.

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