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LunarKats apologizes to Snapchat who had her removed from TSM

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In an emotional statement on a Twitch stream earlier on Monday, Katherine “LunarKats” So addressed the reasons why she was forced to divorce TSM this weekend. She explained that it was due to a Snapchat she made in 2019, where she said offensive and hurtful things about fast food workers.

TSM released the professional VALORANT player and streamer on Saturday, just three days after she announced her as part of their new all-female VALORANT list. She was set to compete in the VCT Game Changers Series which started this week before she was removed from the team.


7;s a video of a Snapchat rant I made in 2019, and I said some very hurtful and insensitive things,” Lunarkats explained during her stream on Monday. “I’m not trying to justify anything I said in the video. Everything I said was completely excusable and offensive. After that Snapchat rant, I stopped posting rant games altogether. Looking back on it now, I’m so ashamed and very disappointed. myself. I made a mistake and it was very hurtful. “

She explained during the question and answer section of the video that Snapchat in the question was aimed at fast food workers, although she did not give much detail beyond that. She explained that she did not have the video to show, since she deleted Snapchat in 2019 after feeling her first regret at the decision to post the video.

“I’m genuinely sorry. I do not want that video to be a representation of who I am, because I am not really,” she said in her apology. “I want to be a better person, and the power and my friends have pushed me to be a better person, and I feel very ashamed.”

Through tears, LunarKat thanked the esports community for “holding me accountable”, and expressed that she must be held accountable for her words. She admitted that she did not feel the consequences of what she said at the time because she did not have much of an impact in 2019. Now she must “suffer the consequences.”

The LunarKats also apologized to their team, who were forced to play with the Ariananarchist as their last-minute substitute in this week’s matches.

“Honestly, it was not TSM’s fault at all,” she emphasized in her chat in response to people saying negative things about the organization cutting her. “They contacted me with the video, and it was a mutual decision. They really wanted to protect me from someone who used this video against me. But honestly, no matter what I do, this person can keep this video over my head, so I need to address it. That’s something I did and said. “

Based on her explanation, LunarKats was not removed due to the allegations made by Halei Raeanna, a content creator for SoaR. In Twitlonger, Raeanna accused LunarKats of harassing her in the DM and online with accusations of showing.

These allegations were initially thought by many to be the reason why LunarKats parted ways with TSM, but it seems that the removal from the list was due to the aforementioned Snapchat.

While many in the community were curious that LunarKats should be removed from the squad as soon as possible, many esports fans mostly targeted TSM to seem to bend the rules of the VALORANT Game Changers tournament by getting a sub so last minute.

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