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Ludwig warns Twitch will “die” if streamers just keep reacting to each other

Ludwig Ahgren has spoken out against Twitch streamers reacting to each other’s clips every broadcast, warning that the ever-popular streaming platform could “slowly die” if stars continue to rely solely on other people’s content instead of creating their own.

Streaming metas come and go: even recently, we’ve seen the rise and fall of the controversial Twitch whirlpool streams, and a sharp re-spike in GTA RP popularity, as well as several subathons.

It’s one that just seems to build, but ⁠— “responds.”

The idea is simple; popular Twitch stars go live, upload Reddit, Twitter or YouTube, and share their opinions on every bit of news and action. Dedicated fan bases help the meta, as do aggregation forums like / r / LivestreamFail and regular YouTube clip collections that use “respond”

; for videos.

There’s a worrying trend for Twitch content, Ludwig Ahgren ⁠kraver, and one that could eventually lead to a slow death for one of the world’s largest streaming sites.

Ludwig streams on Twitch
Twitch: Ludwig

Ludwig has commented on Twitch’s ‘react meta’ and its potential impact.

“There’s just too many ‘React Andys’ now,” he said.

“They have gone too far. I feel like people go live, and all they do is watch other people’s content. I mean, it’s okay, I’m doing it, but it’s really too much. ”

The Twitch star warned that the meta of streamers who “feed” each other’s content could have major consequences for the platform: “That content is fun, yes, I like it. But if everyone does it all the time, then the whole Twitch ecosystem dies. Someone has to create content for people to keep stealing.

“What we need is new content, instead of all the reactions. ⁠

“I do not like to do it as much as I can,” Ludwig admitted, “unless I think it will be good for my YouTube uploads. I really think it makes Twitch a bit outdated.”

The latest trend in Twitch reactions meta has weighed in on the cryptocurrency wave.

A number of internet celebrities, from senior FaZe Clan members to maverick star Logan Paul, have been accused of cheating fans via investment proposals. Every Twitch streamer has apparently weighed in with their views, whether fans asked or not.

The “rush to react” is getting old, Ludwig claimed.

“I feel like everyone gave their impression of Save the Kids sh * t, all crypto sh * t,” Ludwig said. “I swear every day that someone else shared their views.”

Ludwig on Twitch
Twitch: Ludwig

Ahgren is the first to admit that he should not rely on “crutches” so much in his streams.

The popular Twitch streamer admitted that he can not complain unless he has his own fresh content on the horizon, so he laid out the few plans he had spitball.

The most important thing that can arouse the interests of loyal Ludwig fans is his idea of ​​making a “Dark Souls-athon” stream. That idea would mean he lived live on Twitch until he conquered FromSoftware’s infamous hard Dark Souls trilogy. The only problem, he admits, is that he has no idea how long it will take.

“It can be fun,” he said. “I do not know how long it will be. If QT goes home in a few weeks, I can do it … I want to do it right. “

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