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Look up the CAT6 cables, Fallout 76 has a massive day-patch

We knew that the full title was Fallout 76 gigs

We are a few days from the release of Fallout 76 and the launch of Bethesda's latest Fallout game comes with a 54GB patch for PlayStation 4 as reported by PlayStation Universe. Couples on top of this are a basic installation size of 45 GB, and you need to clean up space on your hard drive to make room for the installation. Say good bye to all the pictures of Spider-Man.

Those of you who played the beta just need to handle the plastic, so while it's not so painful, the fact is that it's bigger than the actual game, a bit ridiculous. Everything comes on the heels of a 30GB patch that was released before the last two days of the beta. So, if you played through all beta sessions, you're looking at a total bandwidth usage of around 1

30 GB over a period of just over two weeks.

Fortunately, I have the best choice when it comes to My ISP. Because of that I chose one that does not limit my bandwidth (read: not Comcast). Unfortunately, some ISPs begin to melt your speed if you use a lot of data or even charge you extra if you cross a certain limit (read: Comcast). At some point you must feel for those who want to play these games and have no choice but to use crappy ISPs because they are the only ones available in their area.

No words on how big a day

Fallout 76 installation and day-one patch size [PlayStation Universe]

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