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Lone Echo II is the latest Oculus Rift platform exclusive

The release of Lone Echo II for the Oculus Rift platform on August 24 will mark the end of an era like the latest exclusive project funded by Facebook for its PC VR platform.

We have known that it took quite some time for Facebook to end the sale of Rift S, the cancellation of future PC VR-only headsets, the transfer of the Medium sculpting app development team to Adobe, the lack of updates or recently announced titles for Rift S, and it continued the focus on standalone VR with Quest 2.

Facebook officially confirmed to UploadVR this week “we are not currently planning to make any more Rift-exclusive titles.”

The company still supports PC VR via wired Oculus Link and wireless Air Link with almost 1

/3 of SteamVR users connecting to Valve’s Steam store from Quest 2 to play games on that platform. A further 18 percent and 5 percent of SteamVR users connect to Rift S and Rift, respectively.

You can take a trip down the memorial field with David Heaney’s list of 2019 that commemorates most of the exclusive Rift titles Facebook funded for the platform. 2019’s graphic powerhouse Asgard’s Wrath from Sanzaru Games was the studio’s last title before Facebook bought it in 2020 while Sony bought Insomniac Games, the makers of the 2019 Rift-exclusive shooter Stormland. Respawn Entertainment was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2017 and at the end of 2020 released its Facebook-funded title Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on Steam along with the Oculus store for Rift.

Facebook has so far acquired five VR game development studios starting with Beat Games (the developers behind Beat Saber) in 2019, and most recently POPULATION: ONE battle royale devs BigBox VR in June this year. The company also acquired Onward developer Downpour Interactive and Ready At Dawn, the studio behind Lone Echo II, as well as one of VR’s best team-based sports Echo VR.

Resident Evil 4 is coming exclusively to Quest 2 later this year, and Facebook is also funding Splinter Cell and Assassin’s Creed VR games from Ubisoft.

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