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Local "Jeepers" talk about the new gladiator

TOLEDO (WTVG) – An update to a story we have followed for years. We now know what the new Toledo-built Jeep Gladiator looks like. The truck made it to debut Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but we were the only drive inside the Toledo Assembly Complex for a special revelation.

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Today many enthusiasts respond to the great reveal. Jeep enthusiasts we talked with love what they see. They say they've been waiting for a new truck for decades, and the long wait paid off with the Gladiators.

The great revelation of the Toledo Assembly Complex was in progress. Complex Manager Chuck Padden was surrounded by many men and women who build Jeep, "It's another victory for the Toledo team. The launch has been very good, I look forward to seeing the gladiator out on the street." [1

9659006] Chad Mathis and Keri Porter can not wait for the trucks to hit the streets too, "I'd love to buy one!"

Chad and Keri are both members of Glass City Crawlers, a group of offroad enthusiasts. They got a closer look at the truck today and say that's exactly what they hoped it would be.

Chad is excited about the tow capacity, "The Jeep Community has been waiting for another truck. A combination of a Jeep and a truck and they did a wonderful job combining the two. My Facebook has blown up on this truck People are very happy for them to come out. "

Keri loves everything about it," I love it, it looks great. I'm glad you'll be able to rope something. "As we all know, Jeep generates a lot of money for this community and much excitement for the Toledo Jeep is much like a Friday night football game, it's all excited. You must love it! "[19659006] In addition to the gladiator's tire capacity, offroad capacity and technology, Chad says that many people talk about something hidden in the truck. It's a heart beside the numbers 419, the Toledo area code, "You must be glad they are nodding it into the Gladiator for this wonderful city of us. We have built Jeeps for decades and it is nice to see the company say thank you much and give a tribute to Toledo right on the truck. "

Bob Joyce has built Jeeps for four decades. He says this is special. He believes that the gladiator is just an example of the strong link between the company and this city, "I think Toledo is Jeep's heart and soul, and I think that's the coolest thing about it. As far as the truck, you can see how fun it is ! "

It is important to point out that even though the gladiator has been revealed, it is not in full production. It will be a gradual process.
Full production will start next year. Business executives say that now they expect the gladiator on the dealer a lot in the second half of next year.

It is only made in a four door model. There is no word on pricing.

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