Tarsier Studios’ weird horror adventure Little Nightmares II will be launched on all platforms later this week, including Google’s very own Stadia. If you happen to be a Pro subscriber, you can go on this disturbing adventure for free.

The original Little Nightmares are also available at Stadia, and were free with Pro for several months. Both games follow the now-cliché indie-horror roadmap of a small character in a large, spooky environment, solve puzzles and avoid conflict with grotesque enemies.

The first game was a compelling take on the formula, though, with Metacritic points hovering in the high 70s. Early reviews of the sequel seem more or less equally positive. This new entry introduces a second main character, Mono, who joins back player character Six on their scary journeys. Although trailers show that the two interact to solve puzzles, Little Nightmares II is still a game for one player.

As of February 11, you can pick it up for $ 29.99 – or for free if you are a Pro subscriber.