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LG's budget on Galaxy Note is now an Amazon Prime Exclusive phone

LG's Stylo 4 is one of the few phones you can get with a built-in stylus, and now the phone has arrived at Amazon as a Prime Exclusive, which reduces the price from $ 300 to $ 250.

Stylo 4 has a large 6.2-inch display with a resolution of just over 1080p, and it contains a track in the lower right corner of the phone to save the stylus. When you pull out the pen, you can immediately start writing on the screen of your phone – even when the display is turned off – to start taking notes. If you drag the stylus out while the phone is unlocked, the options will pop up to start taking notes, launch a specific app, or select a portion of the screen to record a GIF.

If it's known, it's because all of these stylus features are found on Samsung's popular Galaxy Note phone line. But the note line is much more expensive ̵

1; you can get it for sale at this time, but the phone costs $ 950 – and Stylo 4 is at least a third of the price. LG's phone is not so nice and it's not likely to drive and keep up, as well as the last note, but if you want a similar stylus experience, LG gives it a much cheaper price.

The phone is a medium sized device, but it hits all the right specifications for the price range. It comes with a Snapdragon 450 processor, which is low-end but one of the better options, and comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage – the basic specifications you need to have a useful Android phone. It also runs Android Oreo and includes a USB-C port, none of which is given in this price range. (There is a fingerprint sensor and a headphone jack too.)

Stylo 4 is about a month or so old at this point, although it has become a rather hacking deployment. LG first announced a phone called Q Stylus at the beginning of June, which was almost the same as this phone, but it was not made available for purchase. A month later, Stylo 4 began launching on T-Mobile and prepaid carriers like MetroPCS and Cricket in early July. You can actually get your phone cheaper at some times if you buy it locked to a prepaid carrier, even though MetroPCS also shaves the price even lower by reducing the amount of RAM.

As with other Prime Exclusive phones, the discount comes on the cost of preinstalled, non-removable Amazon apps on the phone, such as Audible and Alexa. These are not a bad deal for a $ 50 discount, especially on a phone with enough storage space, and where a low price is an important feature.

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