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LG’s 2021 OLED TV series starts at $ 1,299

LG has finally revealed prices for most of its 2021 4K OLED TVs, and that’s good news if you wanted to save money – although you can easily spend a small fortune if you are so inclined. The prices in the A1 series can catch the eye by lowering the entry price for a completely new set. The range starts at $ 1,299 for a 48-inch set arriving in June, with 55-inch ($ 1,599), 65-inch ($ 2199) and 77-inch ($ 3,199) models maturing in April. You offer the benefits of a 120Hz variable refresh rate panel, HDMI 2.1 and the latest processor, but these are otherwise updated TVs that make OLED’s high contrast and vibrant colors a little more accessible.

Unsurprisingly, the company prefers that you spray on advanced sets, and that̵

7;s where it can get expensive. The mid-level C1 line starts at $ 1,499 for a 48-inch model that launched in April, but you can pay as much as $ 5,999 for the 83-inch version that debuted in May. You’ll find 55-inch ($ 1,799), 65-inch ($ 2,499) and 77-inch ($ 3,799) displays in stores before March is over.

The centerpiece of LG’s 4K catalog is the artistic G1 “Gallery” series, and that’s where it gets particularly expensive. The 55-inch G1 shipping in April will give you back $ 2199, while its 65- and 77-inch counterparts will carry $ 2999 and $ 4,499, respectively, when they appear later in March.

Wish you had an 8K OLED? Unfortunately, there is not much new on that front. LG continues to sell the ZX line, starting at $ 19,999 for a 77-inch version and an impressive $ 29,999 for the 88-inch set. Like it or not, the technology does not seem ready to hit the mainstream – not that it matters too much when it lacks 8K content.

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