LG's history of updating phones is not good – so much, in fact, that the company went out of its way to announce a brand new Software Upgrade Center earlier this year to combat the problem. It is too early to tell if there is much of a difference, but the company has just announced that the Korean G7 ThinQ will be upgraded to Android 9 Pie in Q1 2019.

Revealed comes right on a road map published on the LG website. While neither of us can read Korean, the magic of Google Translate assures us that a "Pie OS Upgrade" is scheduled.

Translation right.

Apart from that info – a three month window and the fact that it will get Pie in Korea – nothing else is known yet. It can (and probably) be an even longer wait for US mobile devices, unlocked phones or SKUs in other countries, see the update.

According to My LG Cell Phones, a beta beta has been running for the G7 ThinQ in Korea since November, and gives the company several months of testing before the update lands. LG has also previously updated the G7 One to Pie last month, so the G7 ThinQ won't be the first device from the company to see Android 9. When LG finally bites to Pie to US G7 ThinQ owners, it should at least be stable .