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LG says that Android 12 update will be offered for some of the phones

LG says it will continue to offer Android OS updates – including an upgrade to Android 12 – for some of the devices after it discontinued its smartphone business, but the company’s poor record makes us skeptical that it will follow suit.

In its press release and on a US FAQ page, LG only states that they will continue to offer some security and OS updates, but a page on LG’s Korean website discovered by XDA developers mentions in particular that an “Android 12 OS upgrade will also be provided for select models.” This page also notes that this may change based on product performance, and that update availability may vary by region.

LG US did not share anything more specific when contacted by The Vergeand only said that “LG may offer certain OS upgrades for select models,”

; and that “further details will be provided in the near future regarding software updates.” An Android 11 update plan has not yet been confirmed for the US, although details posted on LG’s German website may give a rough idea of ​​what it might look like.

Unfortunately, LG was not very reliable with updates even before the decision to get out of the phone industry; OS upgrades came slowly, even for flagship devices. In 2018, the company tried to fix this by setting up a software upgrade department, but when it was time to offer Android 9 Pie updates in early 2019, not much had changed.

If the company does well on its Android 12 promise, we expect that it will only come to a few high-profile devices, such as the Wing and V60. And with Android 11 only scheduled to hit many of the company’s phones much later this year, even if the 12th update arrives, it’s likely to be a long way off.

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