The Lenovo Smart Display was our first taste of Assistant's screen-first experience, but the Home Hub came out more recently with new features. The other smart displays are not dead, though. Lenovo is rolling out the "R5" update today that adds some refinements and new features to the display.

Lenovo was good enough to include a detailed changelog, so here it is.


Planning meals just got easier. Cookbook is your virtual cookbook that allows you to find recipes on your smart display and save them for later. Just say, "Hey Google, save this recipe" and your recipe will be added to your Cookbook.

"show my cookbook"

"add to cookbook"

"If you are ready to get cooking, try saying" Hey Google, show me my Cookbook "and find the recipe in just a few seconds. remove from cookbook "

" save this recipe "

" show me my saved recipes "


Favorite, Share & Remove Photo


We now support being able to always show the remote control when accessed via voice or the Home View for another device, even if you have a local media session. We will also show up to two mini tiles for remote sessions on the homescreen in addition to a local playback session.


We now support the ability to dismiss tiles from the home screen. Just swipe them up! Note, some home screen tiles are not dismissible, including: Calendar, Commute, Explore, News, Upcoming Reminder, Music & Video Recommendations.


Heat-Cool is one of 5 mode options on the Nest Thermostat (heat, cool, eco, off, and heat-cool) that will create a schedule that will switch automatically between heating and cooling on the Nest Thermostat to keep your home within a preferred temperature range. "The mode is especially helpful during the shoulder season in regions that have cold nights and hot days."

"Turn on heat / cool mode. "

" Set the heat / cool mode to 68 and 72 degrees. "

" Set the [thermostat name] between 68 to 72. "

"Turn off the [thermostat name]."


When the user is shown a group light controller (eg Living room lights) they will be able to control the brightness and on / off state for each light within that group.

So, a lot of the changes are rel ated to smart home gadgets that you may or may not have. Everyone can enjoy the dismissable home tiles, though. That's much appreciated. This particular update is intended for the US, CA, and UK markets, which are the only places the display is officially available. Additionally, it will not hit all device instantly. Lenovo will deploy it over the course of a week to ensure there are no show-stopping bugs.