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Legends can skip PS4 due to cross-play ban

Bethesda does not make the strongest stand against Son's policy since other games such as Fallout 76 are still determined for PS4. It does this because Legends Cross-Play is a selling point and because a card game does not require the appearance of a living console.

However, it says that the developer is willing to pass sales on a sold console just to ensure that a game lives up to the vision. And it can be a concern for both Sony and players. There is one thing when PS4 owners must play a game exclusively in their own ecosystem, but there is another thing when certain games are not available at all on your chosen platform. Although it's not likely that you want to watch a mass broadcast from PS4, this suggests that other major studios can skip the system for other releases that depend on cross-play to succeed. In that light, Sony's talk about a possible cross-game limit can not be reached soon enough for players who want access to as many titles as possible.

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