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Leaving LastPass? How to get your passwords out

LastPass changes its free offer, and some are looking for a new home for their passwords. But how do you get passwords and other data out of LastPass?

This is how.

There are a few different ways to get your data out of LastPass, but the easiest and most reliable way I have found is to log in to your account via a browser on a computer.

Then you can export a file with CSV-compatible data, which most password applications and services accept (this is a completely different topic, and I suggest you test things and take your time, because there is always the danger of losing your password data dine).

Here I will show you how to get your data out of LastPass.

Step 1

First go to lastpass.com and log in to your account.

Log in to your LastPass account

Log in to your LastPass account

Step 2

If you use two-factor authentication, you must provide these details.

Process two-factor authentication

Process two-factor authentication

Step 3

You are in. Click now Advanced option

You're in!

You’re in!

Step 4

Click Export.



Step 5

Re-enter your credentials.

Re-enter your credentials

Re-enter your credentials

Step 6

It’s your data!

It's your data!

It’s your data!

Step 7

Now you need to select this data, copy it, paste it into a text file and give it a .CSV extension.

I do not recommend that you keep your passwords unencrypted, so you either need to encrypt this file in the meantime, so put it in which service you will use next time.

Also, do not kill your LastPass account until you are sure your new service is set up and your passwords are available! Remember these are your passwords!

I can not emphasize this step enough! I have heard from several people over the years who have gotten into a huge mess doing this.

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