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Leaking prices land for a complete Galaxy Unpacked series

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  • Alleged prices for the entire Galaxy Unpacked series leaked.
  • The price covers everything from the two folding phones to the smartwatch to the earbuds.
  • Samsung will launch these products on August 11, so we have a long way to go before we find out if these leaks are accurate.

Yesterday, Samsung finally confirmed the date for its next launch event. On August 11, 2021, the company will likely announce some folding phones, a new smartwatch and a set of earbuds.

Thanks to Lambda-Tek (and an exclamation point to this eagle-eyed Redditor), we now have some ideas on what Samsung may charge for these products. These are obviously leaky prices and can be a bit or even largely inaccurate. For now, however, this is the best information we have about Galaxy Unpacked prices. All prices are in euros with VAT included. Keep in mind that Samsung rarely does a 1: 1 translation for prices, so prices in the US are likely to be different.

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First, let’s start with the two folding phones. According to the leak, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 could cost € 2,024.58 (~ $ 2,388) for the 256 GB model and € 2,150.74 (~ $ 2,537) for the 512 GB variant. There can be three colors offered, including black, green and silver. We actually have some leaked photos for these colorways, if you are interested.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 can cost € 1179.80 (~ $ 1,392) for the 128 GB model and € 1,241.40 (~ $ 1,464) for the 256 GB. The leak suggests that Samsung may offer lots of dyes for this phone. Apparently they include black, white, “cream”, green, gray, “lavender”, pink and blue. We are skeptical that Samsung can offer so many colors, but that is not out of the question.

Galaxy Unpacked: Other prices

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic runs 2

Outside of smartphones, we expect Samsung to launch two smartwatch variants and a set of earbuds.

Galaxy Buds 2 can cost € 181.06 (~ $ 214). The leak suggests that there may be four colors for these headphones, including black, white, green and purple.

For the vanilla Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you may end up paying € 310.32 (~ $ 366) for the 40 mm Wi-Fi model and € 336.34 (~ $ 397) for the 44 mm Wi-Fi model. If you want LTE versions, you pay € 360.79 (~ $ 426) for 40 mm and € 385.24 (~ $ 454) for 44 mm. Interestingly, it is possible that the two different sizes may have different color choices, with black, silver and pink gold for the 40 mm models and black, silver and green for the 44 mm models. We can only imagine that this would be because Samsung thought that the smaller variant would appeal more to women and the larger one would appeal more to men.

Finally, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the latest Galaxy Unpacked product we expect. This device can also come in two sizes and in Wi-Fi and LTE models. The leak suggests that the 42mm only Wi-Fi Galaxy Watch 4 Classic could cost € 434.17 (~ $ 512), with 46mm possibly costing € 458.61 (~ $ 541). The LTE models can cost € 483.08 (~ $ 568) and € 507.55 (~ $ 599), respectively. The Classic model seems to come in only two colors: black or silver.

We have to wait until the Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11 to see if these rumors go out. Pay attention!

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