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League of Legends’ new champion, Gwen, revealed in movie trailer

Riot has revealed League of Legends‘newest master, and she’s a very scary doll named Gwen. In a movie released on Friday, the developer showed the doll’s tragic origins and gave us a preview of what she will look like in the game.

In Gwen’s revealing film, a seamstress creates a doll, and according to the video’s description: “This doll loved its producer very well, but unfortunately the tragedy tore them apart, sending the doll to sink under the sea and grief.” But as she waits for the ocean floor, a mysterious force finds her and animates her, turning her from a doll into something else.

Riot does not reveal exactly what it is something else may be, but it gives us a brief glimpse of what may be Gwen̵

7;s true form. She is taller, with more human features, but she definitely seems to be sewn like a doll, which gives her an extra scary mood.

Gwen's larger, more human form from the League of Legends

Image: Riot Games

Based on Rio’s previews of Veigo’s destroyed king revealed earlier this year, we already know that Gwen was revived by the destroyed king’s magic and will likely be linked to Veigo. We also know that she’s set to become an AP track Brawler, but her actual set remains a mystery.

As with most new champions, Riot will reveal more about Gwen in the coming weeks, including full-capacity equipment. After the revelation, she will probably move to League of Legends‘Public Beta Environment for testing before final release.

Update: Riot has also released Gwen’s game trailer. The trailer gives us a look at Gwen’s model in the game, her giant scissor guns, and how she will play when she gets to the game.

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