For Android users who want to have a Pixel-like experience on their phones, Lawnchair launcher is an easy way to do that. While development had stagnated, the new team at the helm has put their shoulder to the wheel and given us the first building of Lawnchair 11.

This is still an alpha build, and the experience is pretty barebones, but the launcher works. Key features such as the At a Glance widget, dock search box, icon pack support and swipe down for alerts are all present. However, you should know that the new version has only been tested to work with Android 1

1 – it constantly crashes on the Android 10 phone I tested with. The team promises that support for older Android versions is on the way, along with new features such as background blur and individual shortcut customization.

New Lawnfeed 3 is designed to work with v11 and offers Google Feed integration on the home screen. If you are interested in trying out the alpha building, you can download it from APK Mirror.

The new releases use new signatures and application IDs, which means you can use them with older Lawnchair releases – experiment without the hassle of having to reinstall the older version if things go wrong.